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4 skincare products for men and how to use them

It’s never too late to start looking after your skin.

Most men have decided to leave prejudice aside and the most modern wear cosmetic products and have their own daily skincare routine. That they didn’t do it before doesn’t mean their skin didn’t take a toll.
The main issue is that most guys tend to use the creams and serums of their girlfriends, sisters or mothers and don’t see results. There are differences between male and female skin. Men’s skin is thicker and their pores larger, so they need a higher penetration product.  
For an effective grooming regime, we recommend four products to use every day. If you still don’t have a routine, it’s time to start!


The first thing to look at when you want to set up a skincare routine is hydration. Good hydration balances skin water levels and forms a protective barrier for skin to look stronger and flexible, protecting the face from external agents such as weather and pollution. So apart from drinking water constantly you need a product that will help replenish moisture to the skin.

Biotherm Aquapower reactivates and deeply moisturises your skin. On top of that, it has an ultra-fresh textured gel formula. Suitable for normal and combination skins. Apply every morning on clean and shaved skin to soften and keep your face hydrated for several hours.


Biotherm Aquapower



Clinique For Men Super Energizer is the ideal product to wake up your skin. It’s an ultra-weight hydrating cream with 12-hour anti-fatigue for your skin.

Nowadays a man’s day is packed with activities: work, sport, trips, meetings. This means you are prone to bear the brunt of external aggressors that age your skin. This product is for you. It fights off UVA rays, resists sweat and humidity, it helps guard skin against pollution, pollen and dust. And it provides day round hydration.

Results are immediate. You will see a fresher and less battered skin.


Clinique Energizer



Formulated for all skin types, this facial cleanser helps to eliminate dirt and impurities without drying out and cracking skin. Not only does it dissolve excess fat and dirt, but this cleanser with neutral pH also helps to keep the natural balance of the skin.

After washing face, apply a small quantity of this cleansing gel on fingertips, gently massage onto face in an upward and circular motion, avoiding the immediate eye area. Remove excess product with a damp cloth.


Khield ultra


Acqua di Gio Profumo

How to wrap up a skincare routine? With scent, of course. Perfume accents your personality and captivates the senses of all those that cross your path. Once your face is hydrated and looking great, what else but add a final touch?

Acqua di Gio Profumo is strikingly masculine, wild, deep and mysterious for young and free men that love the challenge of adventure. Modern male sensuality in a bottle.


Aqua di Gio

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