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5 Instagrammers to follow before going on holidays

Discover exotic destinations, and find tips and recommendations from the most popular travel influencers in the world.

Tourism has changed forever. People no longer go to travel agencies. Today, Instagram provides the greatest inspirations.

On Instagram, it is possible to travel along with some of the most adventurous and sophisticated travel influencers in the world, who are followed by millions on social media.

Here are the top 5 travel Instagrammers: from a nature-loving family globe trotting around the world with their three children to luxurious Oriental journeys as seen through the eyes of a Russian photographer and his wife. Welcome to virtual travelling!

1. Murad Osman

His last adventure took him to Jordan. From Petra’s stone dwellings to Kazakhstan’s eternal sands. From the pyramids of Egypt to the swimming pools of Mykonos.

The Russian photographer became a travel influencer thanks to the #FollwMeTo series, alongside his wife Natalia Zakharova. The series is based on the image of Natalia holding him by the hand in spectacular settings around the world. An invitation to jump into Oriental luxury. 

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2. Lucy Laucht

Lucy is one of the influencers responsible for the creativity shown by J Crew, almost a case study due to the enormous success of the campaign.

Her images reflect a very particular view of the world, always engaged with both the wonderful scenery and the people who inhabit it. She also highlights local products, fashion and craft. A female gaze focused on culture.

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3. Chris Burkard

As a photographer and nature lover, it is not unusual to see Chris Burkard camping in some of the most isolated places on earth.

Chris always has a drone available, ready to capture magical sunsets and to portrait imposing volcanoes and crystalline lakes. Landscapes are his forte. One of his last destinations was the Sakhalin Oblast in Russia.

This is one of forty-seven Oblasts, which along with the twenty-one Russian republics, nine krais, four autonomous districts, and three federal cities, comprise the eighty-three federal subjects of Russia.

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4. The Bucket List

Ideal for those who like to travel in a group. Who are the Glees? A family of journalists who explore the world with their three young children, and posts pictures of their adventures.

Garret the father sold an app to Snapchat for 54 million dollars, and now spends his time on family adventures. From the idyllic beaches in Tanzania, or the Fiji islands, to Los Angeles California.

Their travels are filled with emotions and everyday situations and are presented without filters. Always connected to Nature, this Instagram account is perfect for those people who enjoy worldly adventures seen through the eyes of children. An inspiring resource for those who think that going on exotic holidays with a young family is far too complicated.

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5. Louis Cole

Risky and adrenaline-filled experiences are central to the Englishman’s Instagram account, where he is also known as Fun for Louis.

Currently, in Colombia, he has just finished travelling in Central America, and the Caribbean. Louis is a fan of extrema sports and constantly searches for the kind of activities that most mortals would be too frightened to attempt.

His Instagram account exploded when he uploaded some videos of himself eating exotic foods such as scorpions! It was at this point that he decided to become a travel vlogger. In 2017, Forbes Magazine named him as one of the most important travel influencers.

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