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5 ways to take care of your skin this summer

Here’s a skin care guide for you to travel with this sensational summer.

Summer has landed! The sun is already shining, and the holiday mood brings a desire for warm mornings at crystalline beaches or perfect paradises to get lost in. Go on and let your mind fantasize without forgetting a basic: your skincare routine to look radiant all summer long. When you travel it is essential to choose properly your beauty allies. These are our recommended skincare tips and ideal products to treat your skin as you deserve. Before leaving on holidays, make sure to get your Sensational Summer must-haves at duty free!


Exfoliate regularly to glow

To nurture you from all the benefits of your skincare routine phases, maintaining your skin profoundly clean is essential. Exfoliation is a must to remove dead skin cells, refresh your pores and prepare your skin to apply moisturizers, SPF and makeup on.

Dior and Shiseido bring to your world specific masks and exfoliations creams to stimulate your skin cell regeneration and accelerate its surface blood microcirculation. Afterwards, you will melt in the softness and flexibility exfoliation provides to your skin to shine naturally beautiful. Remember that fine and clear skin is the best canvas to show fabulous makeup any summer night. Let yourself be a diamond! 

Moisturize to nourish deep 

Despite SPF will provide your hydration, don’t forget to add an additional moisturizer this summer according to your skin type. It is mandatory to battle extreme heat and temperatures changes. For the summer, a light-weight moisturizer is your option, since it will act as a barrier for pollutants, dry skin and sunburn respecting your skin balance. Please yourself with Dior Hydra Life collection, a whole range of smoothening and lightening creams, hydration, masks, tonics and more. You can also give your skin a freshness injection with MAC’s Hydration Treatments.

Be aware that your skin might require different hydration concentrates depending on the body zone. So, make sure your moisturizers are the best choices to respect and nourish each. Day after day, apply to your face, neck and body the lotion it deserves. Dry skin will just become a myth! 

Protect your skin from the sun

This summer envision your skin tanned and sophisticatedly protected! Sunburn, pigmentation and premature ageing are some of the risks of being exposed to sunny conditions. That means you should be wearing sunscreen every single day. Luckily, there is a new generation of SPFs that offers you a solid, light and healthy protection for UVB rays.

Discover the different and surprising textures from Lancaster Sun Beauty and Sun Control. Your skin face will look radiant with the most uniform and beautiful luminosity creams. You can also enjoy the pleasure of Shiseido Suncare, innovative solar technology with sun protection and anti-stress treatment. Find your best ally to get gorgeously tanned and glow all night long! 

Adapt your makeup essentials

As well as you wear different clothes in winter, you should adapt your beauty essentials to the summer season. You better go for sweatproof and water-resistant products to battle the sweaty summer heat. Also, while you let your skin get slowly tanned, explore the universe of bronzing powders. They will provide you with natural and long-lasting tanning to make your skin shine and look glorious.

The Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess will be your perfect match this summer. It will intensify your luminosity while providing your skin seductive tanning. As well as travel destinations, there is a whole range of exclusive bronzers to satisfy your skin demand. Guerlain Terracotta powder is a must to tan in a uniform and sophisticated way. Light and natural, enriched with moisturizing ingredients. Discover all the formulas to ensure a long-lasting tan adapted perfectly to your skin tone. 

Pamper your skin at night

The night is one of the best moments to dedicate your skin the time it requires. Since all treatments you apply will make its function during (hopefully) 6-8 hours of sleep, give yourself the pleasure of a proper night skincare routine. As always, it starts by removing your makeup. After a long, hot, exhausting day your skin face will really appreciate it. Combine the power of a makeup remover with the deep cleansing effect of a cleanser afterwards. You will assure all your dermis breaths and gets prepared for a toner. A proper toner will calibrate your skin’s PH providing the balance it needs. Between one and other product application, give each one some seconds to guarantee your skin absorbs them and benefits from its effects. Now you are ready for one of the most important steps, applying your ideal facial treatment.

Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair serum is your perfect option to cover all your skin needs in a single sophisticated formula. It profoundly repairs ageing effect, illuminates your skin, moisturizes 24hours and prevents damage from free radicals. Since it is reinforced with moisturizer, there is no need to apply an additional one. Just lose yourself in the softness and freshness you have been always waiting for! 

Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Supercharged Complex

Advanced Night Repair Eye Supercharged Complex

The new supercharged treatment—now with 10X Concentrated Repair Technology—helps repair the visible impact of lack of sleep, UV, pollution, even blue light.

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