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Aussie Celebrity Megan Marx on her duty free experience

From reality show to published author, we took Megan Marx on a duty free tour in Melbourne

Megan Marx began her journey into fame after appearing in The Bachelor Australia and Bachelor in Paradise, two well-known shows in Australia. Spiking on Instagram with her daily adventures and getting inspiration from other people’s journey, she took the opportunity to create her own stories. This led the 29-year-old celebrity to write a book – it started as an autobiography, but it evolved into a fictional thriller, named Episode Eight.

We took Megan Marx on a tour at our store Melbourne Duty Free, to experience the duty free behind the scenes and to get to know her travel routines.

What’s your favourite part about being an influencer?

The lifestyle. My time is my own, and I feel like doors open to follow my passions. I’ve recently completed my motorcycle license – which means you’ll find me on and off the road, working with brands and influencers in the bike industry! Woohoo!

Megan Marx, Australian celebrity

What are you about to do in the coming months?

In the next few months, I’ll be promoting my first novel and writing my second!

What inspired you the most while visiting our duty free store? And while travelling in general?

I’m a massive perfume fan – inside a duty free store, I can try new perfumes and purchase travel perfume packs. I’m pretty sure everyone does this, right?! I’m a little nuts about it! I guess travelling, in general, has the same vibe – trying new things.

If there’s one store section your fellow Instagrammers shouldn´t miss, which one would it be?

I’d advise to check out what’s exclusive to duty free. You can really pick up some very special items you won’t be able to find anywhere else - Check out FORUM so you’re prepped. 

What do you like the most about our exclusive and limited edition of White Walker by Johnnie Walker?

Asides that it tastes great and the bottle design is epic? I love that it’s exclusive to duty free. It means that when I have that dinner party, my friends will be very impressed! Plus, it works wonders for a Game of Thrones night!

Megan Marx

Could you reveal your top tips before preparing a suitcase?

Have a good think about what you will actually WEAR. A lot of people I know over-pack to the extreme. Not only does this make for clumsy travel, but it doesn’t allow room for all your travel buys on the way back!

Dreaming is free. You have one night for you and your friends in our store. What would you do? Imagine anything you’d like and don’t hold back.

I’d have a dance party with the biggest BoomBox speaker there is, Johnnie Walker exclusive, and try every single makeup product there is.  The ultimate girl’s night!

Imagine your next upcoming trip, which product would you buy in Reserve & Collect and for whom?

I would get my Mum a Marc Jacobs perfume… I think it’s about time she gets one in the flesh and she’d love that!

Describe the experience of visiting us in 3 words.

Inspirational, exclusive and fun.

Although summer is over in Australia, the weather is still great to travel, experience new adventures and find incredible places with the people you love. There is no better way to say cheers to those who are by your side than with exclusive products such as White Walker by Johnnie Walker. Megan and her friends are ready to watch the final season of Game of Thrones with the limited-edition bottle she got at Melbourne Duty Free. The question is, are you ready for “winter”?

Johnnie Walker White Walker

White Walker by Johnnie Walker

Send a raven – Scotch has officially arrived at duty free. White Walker by Johnnie Walker, the limited-edition Scotch whisky inspired by the Game of Thrones.

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