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Ballantine’s raises the temperature with 21 Warming Spices

A Limited Edition that is both spiced and special.

Ballantine’s, the renowned Scottish whiskey makers have launched the perfect gift, a limited edition called 21 Warming Spices. This edition celebrates and highlights the exceptional depth of flavour obtained through a long maturation process. Specially designed by the current Director of Blending Sandy Hyslop, this whiskey weaves rich spicy notes with the smooth and familiar profile characteristics of Ballantine’s. This blend offers a lingering oak taste, with a finish that is both sweet and fresh, with cinnamon and ginger.

“When given the rare opportunity to experiment with our beloved 21-Year-Old blend, I wanted to celebrate the alchemy of the continuous interactions between the whiskey and the cask over 21 years. Over time, layers of spice develop and flourish; from hints of stem ginger, through to sweet cinnamon and spicy liquorice. This limited release showcases this evolution of flavour and delivers amplified layers of complex spices which pay homage to 21 years of maturation” , explained Hyslop.

With this blend, he has achieved a multidimensional whisky that is a warm and fragrant expression of fruity notes.

Ballantine’s 700 cc new presentation opens with a rich blend of pear, honey and vanilla notes on the nose, perfectly balanced with juicy raisins, crystallised stem ginger, and a hint of smoke. On the palate, this whiskey feels incredibly smooth and creamy, with the flavours of tropical fruit (ripe melon and sweet mandarins), followed by cinnamon and liquorice. The finish lends this whiskey light and fruity aromas.


Pioneering and current around the world

George Ballantine started the business when he was only 19 years old. Since then, the brand has remained loyal to the pioneering spirit of its birth. Through the years, Ballantine shared his knowledge of the art of whiskey blending with his sons George II, Archibald and Daniel, as well as his grandson, George III. The Ballantine family blended their Finest Scotch for the first time in around 1910. This is the oldest recipe in their whiskey range. Every day, around 200.000 bottles of Finest are sold worldwide, proof that quality stands the test of time.

Ballantine’s is the Number one Scotch whiskey in Europe, and the second best seller in the rest of the world. Their range comprises of Finest, as well as their exclusive 40-year-old whiskey. More than 70 million bottles a year are sold on a global scale. In the past ten years, the brand has won more than 130 trophies and medals in international competitions, thanks to its excellent quality. The result of the richness of character and perfect balance.

In 2013, Ballantine’s continued its innovative approach with the launch of Ballantine’s Brasil, a spirit created with the best Scotch infused with Brazilian lime peel.

“Stay true to your own taste, because the best way to drink Ballantine’s is exactly the way you like it.”, states Hyslop, who is responsible for nosing around 250 samples a day. The wisdom of those people who can see beyond the norm.

Ballantine’s 21 Warming Spices

Limited edition to celebrate the evolution of flavour that occurs in the cask over 21 years of maturation. This blend offers a lingering oak taste, with a finish that is both sweet and fresh, with cinnamon and ginger.

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