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Bombay Sapphire discovery with iLeoVlogs at Madrid Duty Free

YouTuber Guillem Alos Roura is next in line for our #ForumCelebritySeries at Madrid Duty Free.

It all started with videos for friends, then YouTube changed everything. Suddenly, he was able to reach a much higher audience that, gradually, was getting interested in his content. From challenges, games to life experiences iLeoVlogs cover it all. We invited Guillem Alos Roura for another #ForumCelebritySeries action at Madrid Duty Free for a special experience with Bombay Saphhire. Here's what we got to know about him and his duty free experience.

Tell us a little bit about yourself. How did everything start and how did iLeoVlogs grow to be what it is today?

Many things inspired what today is iLeoVlogs, but the videos I used to create for my friends when we were younger would be the most significant thing. I would create personalized videos for their birthdays, and as time went by, they gradually grew to be more professional. They started as simple photo collages and eventually grew to be 40-minute videos with a storyline and everything. A few years later, I discovered how many people were uploading videos on YouTube. I discovered a few Spaniards doing videos, but most of the people I found were Americans, and so I asked myself, “What if I uploaded videos here too?” Since my friends liked the videos I was doing, I was curious if people on YouTube would like my videos too. That’s how it all began. ? 

How is your day as a Youtuber & Influencer? We know that it’s not just about partying and having fun, so how do you disconnect when you’re feeling exhausted?
Both the partying and good times are what people tend to see the most. We do party but it isn’t an excessive amount. There’s nothing further from the truth! There are exceptions, as always, but the work that a Youtuber does is anything but easy. Up until 5 years ago, when I decided to dedicate myself solely to my YouTube videos and not just as a side hobby, I was working in a company’s finance department. There, I put in my 8-9 hours daily and later I would get home and that would be it! Apart from the stress of the month-end closings, my worries would disappear when I left the office in the afternoons.

Now, as a Youtuber, my schedule is completely different, and I work more hours. I am just like anyone who is a freelancer, and actually, I do all the work that one would for a television network: considering what content will work, scripting, filming, editing, checking for errors, posting, spreading my work on social networks, and evaluating the feedback; all of this is happening at the same time that I consider new content, so that there are no gaps in my work.

There would be a lot more work if it weren’t for the fact that right now, I have people that help me find sponsors and brand collaborations. They are primarily the ones who help me finance my content and I am so appreciative! To conclude, there is a lot of behind the scenes work! To disconnect from everything, I usually eat dinner out. It’s very rare for me to cook dinner at home. After many hours of being 100% connected and tuned into so many things at once, I like to relax in a nice restaurant. I also go to the gym, spa, and do indoor skydiving!

You must travel frequently in your line of work. What are some of the things that you always bring in your suitcase?

So many things! More times than not, I can’t get my suitcase closed. I always pack so many clothes, more than I need, various colognes, etc. The main things that I always have with me are my two cameras, just in case there’s something that I’ll be recording, and my computer so that I can work from anywhere. When Youtubers travel, 50% of the trip is leisure time and 50% is work. 

iLeoVlogs at Madrid Duty Free
iLeoVlogs at Madrid Duty Free

If you had to choose a must-have product from duty free for your trip, what would it be?
Chocolate! Lots of it! During my #DutyFreeExperience, I found Toblerone and Kit Kat bars…I couldn’t resist! The next time I travel, I will make sure to have plenty of time to stop and pick things up for my trip. And, of course, a small bottle of Bombay Sapphire English Estate.

During your #DutyFreeExperience at Madrid Duty Free, you had the opportunity to spend time with Bombay Sapphire and to discover their lastest gin, Real Estate. How was it? Was there anything you liked in particular?

Yes! My #DutyFreeExperience was great. To start, I should let you know that a few months ago I began to delve into the world of gin and gin tonics and it’s fascinating. Each brand has its small details and nuances, and the Bombay Sapphire English Estate limited edition surprised me. They explained that, besides the 10 ingredients that the traditional Bombay Sapphire has, the English Estate has 3 additional ingredients! If I remember correctly, they were dog rose, pennyroyal, and toasted hazelnut. I enjoyed the tasting and how the Bombay Sapphire section was decorated and arranged. It was a great experience. 

Did you know you could have these tastings moments and similar activities while you are waiting for your flight?
No! The reality is that I’m the kind of person that’s always in a hurry, so the next time I fly, I’ll make sure I go early and leave enough time to look around and shop.

Lastly, could you list 3 reasons why you’d like to repeat the #DutyFreeExperience? 

A great variety of products, many of which are exclusive, great offers, and LOTS OF CHOCOLATE!

Bombay Sapphire English Estate

The new Limited Edition gin, English Estate, is inspired by the glorious English countryside, with its delicate yet vibrant notes of pennyroyal mint, rosehip and toasted hazelnut botanicals.

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