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A bottle of wine for every relative

Here's a special wine selection for gifting.

Every time you come back from travelling, your loved ones expect a present from you, and of course, you actually love buying them. However, selecting a present for each family member can sometimes be a little tedious. This is why we recommend buying a bottle of wine. The kind of present that is likely to be a hit, and will make the person who receives it very happy. If you often find it difficult to make that kind of decision, and you are not sure which particular wine to select, we recommend three very special ones.

Read on, and find out the perfect wines for every member of your family. Giving a bottle of wine as a present is always a good choice, and if you follow our advice, you will also save a lot of time in our stores.

Nederburg Private Collection Chenin Blanc 75cl

This is an expressive wine, with abundant fruit flavours, and a creamy finish. Its versatility renders it an excellent choice to pair with any food, particularly seafood, spicy dishes, lean fish, and soft cheeses. Nederburg is one of South Africa’s most awarded wineries. So you can be sure this wine will not disappoint.

The Private Collection Chenin Blanc is an ultra-premium wine. Made with hand-picked grapes that stand out for their fine balance of fruit, acid and sugar, and for their exceptional concentration, and depth of aromas. The month of December is usually busy with dinners and gatherings to celebrate the Christmas season.

Sometimes you get invited to dinner parties and need to take wine as a present, but you don’t even know the menu. This I why we think this wine is ideal for your brother, for example. The brother who has a million friends, and loves to go out with people from work. We are confident that he will really enjoy sharing this versatile wine that complements any dish beautifully, with his many friends.


Mouton Cadet Grand Cuvée Médoc 75 cl

When you need to select a present for your dad, we are sure you never think about perfume. If your dad is the kind of person who likes to dazzle you with a special wine when you have dinner together and can spend hours talking about wine in general, this is a must-buy, to surprise him the next time you travel. Plus, it will always be a great excuse to share lunch together.

Produced in limited quantities, this wine is matured at the Saint Laurent-Medoc winery, where it is treated with meticulous care in order to preserve all its aroma, and flavour. Cabernet Sauvignon grapes give the wine character and ageing potential, and the Merlot brings suppleness and fruit. A glittering, deep garnet red wine. The nose opens on subtle blackcurrants notes and mild spice flavours. Taste the toasted notes, and enjoy a classic, long Médoc finish. This is a complex and harmonious red wine with greater ageing potential.

Mouton Cadet serves a single purpose: sharing the “emotion of wine-drinking” with customers all over the world. Your next trip presents you with the perfect excuse to celebrate your father with his favourite drink: wine.

Mouton Cadet

Sterling Pioneers Cabernet Sauvignon 75 cl

The Pioneer’s Journey celebrates the tradition of innovation and exploration that Sterling Vineyards founder Peter Newton started in 1964 when his world travels landed him in the Napa Valley. Today, these limited production wines are crafted in honour of Newton’s pioneering vision and legacy.

Beautiful aromas of vine-ripened blackberry contrast perfectly with the spicy notes of nutmeg, and mocha. This wine is smooth and flexible on entry, offering a balanced expression of dark cherry, gooseberry, and spice. Fine tannins and chocolate balance the finish, which is long and luxurious. This wine is easy to drink, and pairs very well with red meat.

This is why we think it is a perfect wine gift for your partner. Even if your partner is not a wine connoisseur, they will definitely enjoy the flavour. Plus, you can give them the perfect excuse to celebrate your return home with a delicious dinner.


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Nederburg Private Collection Chenin Blanc 75cl

Private Collection is an ultra-premium ensemble of five single varietal wines and a blend, produced from top-performing vineyards, and exclusive to travel retail.

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