Calvin Klein Women, the first fragrance developed under Chief Creative Officer Raf Simons, is inspired by the many faces of femininity. Women is about the individual, and the many. Celebrating the diversity of women all around the globe, and their ability to redefine, transform and to live by no one’s rules but their own.

The fragrance was brought to life by women, with women and for women. Experienced perfumers Annick Menado and Honorine Blanc created a scent that’s full of contrasts, as varied as the many women who inspired it. Fresh top notes of eucalyptus acorns are complemented with rich Alaskan Cedarwood and delicate orange flower petals. A fusion that celebrates each individual element as highly as the collective, this daring combination creates a unique woody floral fragrance. This duality perfectly represents the non-conforming, rule-breaking, contrasting possibilities of being a woman today.

The campaign is led by Lupita Nyong’o and Saoirse Ronan yet champions women from the past as much as those in contemporary culture. Both women chose two iconic women who inspired and influenced them, and their images also feature in the campaign. For Lupita, it was trailblazers Eartha Kitt and Katharine Hepburn whilst Saoirse selected the indomitable Sissy Spacek and Nina Simone.

Celebrated artist Anne Collier created artwork for the packaging and the statement bottle. The beautifully rounded, weighted glass bottle is classic, yet has a disruptive twist - a fabulously oversized disc-shaped cap featuring a graphic Anne Collier print. From the bottle to its fragrance to its identity, Calvin Klein Women is a fresh take on femininity and a scent for women who are going their own way. So, pick yours up at the airport duty free, wherever you're headed.


The first perfume ever created by Raf Simons, Calvin Klein WOMEN denotes not one, but many—a group of individuals, each with their own distinct voice. 

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