Little space left in your suitcase? Even less time between flight connexions? Too many excursions in one day? No more excuses! Your face can still look perfect. MAC’s new foundation Studio Fix can be used as a foundation, corrector, and contour, to achieve the perfect makeup look. If you haven’t tried it yet, we give you the following 5 reasons why you should. This foundation stick will become a great ally during your travels.



We love M·A·C 

Who does not have at least one M·A·C  product in their makeup bag? The beauty brand has been able to position itself as the only one to offer professional quality products that are now available to all. This is certainly a plus at the time of choosing one of the most important makeup products, namely foundation. MAC sets trends and collaborates with the worlds of fashion, art, and culture. M·A·C ’s avant-garde makeup artists work backstage at every Fashion Week in the world. You know that if there is a M·A·C  product, it certainly means high quality.

The refined and smooth matte finish

Enough shine! The latest trends in the world of makeup present more natural looks, in which achieving a matte finish is everything. Lipsticks, eyeshadows, blush and even nail polish. Foundation has not been left behind by this trend. M·A·C Studio Fix Soft Matte Foundation Stick helps you achieve a refined and smooth look. This is the result of wearing a foundation with a matte finish, which creates a uniform canvas to conceal blemishes and imperfections. Always remember to apply a thin layer, avoid exaggeration.



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It lasts long hauls


If you are looking for a product to take with you the next time you travel, you will certainly become a fan of this new launch. When we fly long haul, make lots of stopovers, or have many excursions to go on when you finally arrive, many hours would have gone by. This is why it is important to select long-lasting makeup. Forget about retouching, and invest all your energy in enjoying yourself! M·A·C’s new product offers a  perfect finish and is long-wearing (up to 24 hours). Who would not want to carry it in their luggage?

All in one foundation

Space is another important factor when flying. We want to take lots of stuff with us, as well as bringing back many presents. M·A·C has thought about this. The new foundation stick can be used as a base and corrector, as well as for contouring. Plus, you can apply it directly to your face for the most precise finish, using only the amount you need. Makeup sticks are fashionable right now, and M·A·C’s makeup sticks show why they can be useful to any beauty fan.


A shade for every skin tone 

M·A·C has always been committed to designing beauty products for every skin type and colour. This new stick is no exception and is available in 33 tones. It is important to find the right tone for you. Choosing a foundation colour that is too dark for your skin tone, with the aim of achieving a suntanned and ‘healthy’ look, is an easy and common mistake to make. The advice is to choose the foundation colour closest to your skin tone and then apply a pink blush to obtain a natural-looking sun-kissed effect. 



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M·A·C Studio Fix Soft Matte Foundation

An on-the-go multitasking foundation stick designed to perfect skin tone, contour and highlight.

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