Hugo Reversed is the perfect antidote to the routine, to embrace the unexpected and escape the predictable. There is no Life Roadmap and you can do whatever you want today. #YourTimeIsNow is the brand’s hashtag encouraging you to discover a hidden talent, to take on new challenges or to journey to destinations you have always dreamed of visiting. 

This fragrance features opening notes of Calabrian bergamot. Each spray brings an energy explosion that heightens alertness. The addition of grapefruit notes then delivers a refreshing fragrance u-turn which challenges you to take your day in a different direction. The heart of this fragrance is enriched by a Pamplewood accord, which, combined with the charm and intensity of rosemary, will encourage you to discover a bold attitude to match this perfume. The base note is enhanced by a woody character highlighting the elegant signature of Haitian vetiver.  

Hugo Reversed’s modern composition highlights the urban masculinity of the fragrance and stimulates your confidence to act. The minimalist and elegant style of Hugo Reversed is inspired by the signature bottle that has identified the brand for more than twenty years. The Hugo logo is printed as a mirrored reflection which itself is also a reflection of the Hugo Reversed fashion collection. This was not a random decision, as the reversed lettering not only references HB’s urban collections but also operates as a reminder to change the perspective and turn things upside down. 

What are you waiting for? Visit duty free stores around the world to get the new Hugo Reversed Hugo Boss and break free from the norm!

Hugo Reversed

Reverse habits. Embrace the unexpected. Flip routine on its head. Introducing HUGO Reversed; the antidote to predictability. 

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