In a world that torments us with mandates on how we should be, how we should look, what we should do, even how we should dress, and what we are allowed to talk about, we women should say Stop! We want to make our own choices, and pursue our desires. We want to love in different ways, to discover new places, and make our own choices. We want take calculated risks, break away from expectations, and travel independently. We want to change and succeed. We don’t want to be told what or how we should live our lives. Yves Saint Laurent has created a fragrance for all those women who no longer feel satisfied with expected norms and behaviours. Women who want to go beyond borders, and feel free to live every moment to the full.

Breaking away from the norm

Yves Saint Laurent is a brand that has always created progress in fashion, and gave women the opportunity to access a world of freedoms that had been prohibited up until then. This is the brand that turned Le Smoking into evening wear for women in the 70s, and encouraged the use of mini skirts to help women feel more comfortable and free.

Yves Saint Laurent has always been a force for change from the very beginning. Now YSL wants to provide contemporary women with an iconic fragrance. Libre is a fresh floral scent, both sexy and new. A fragrance that positions itself between the male and female.

A fragrance where the tension between the burning sensuality of the orange blossom flowers from Morocco, twisted with the aromatic boldness of lavender from France, is resolved with a feminine touch.


A designer born free

Born into a family of artists, Suzanne Dalton grew up in the majestic Derbyshire Dales in England, where her mother (a lifelong fan of Elsa Schiaparelli) shared her passion for fashion with her daughter and husband. Suzanne arrived in Paris aged 18, and started off as a stylist. She quickly became passionate about photography, and founded one of the best graphic agencies in Paris.

Suzanne signed her first perfume bottle in 2003. Since then, she has established the Copywrite Design Studio in Paris, where she works with a multitalented team that combines industrial design, and a passion for all things artisanal. Of course, there had to be a successful woman behind Yves Saint Laurent’s most important launch of the year.

The campaign

The touching publicity campaign directed by Nabil Elderkin, was filmed in both natural and urban locations, ideal to portray Libre’s free spirit. Dua Lipa, the mega successful singer, stars in the campaign film, standing on a bridge above a stunning landscape. Alongside an eagle, Dua Lipa is the incarnation of a fearless, defiant woman who wants to be the best version of herself she can possibly be.

Women around the world should try Libre by Yves Saint Laurent. A fragrance that lets us go so we can be who we really want to be.

YSL Libre

Libre, the new feminine perfume by Yves Saint Laurent, the freedom to live everything with excess.

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