Azzaro Wanted is a fragrance born in 2016. This scent was created for men who live daring lives, who are elegant, awaken desire, and enjoy success like Loris Azzaro, the iconic creator of the brand. Azzaro Wanted embodies the essence of its spirit. This is a fragrance for people who are in love with life, and who are willing to do whatever it takes to succeed. Now Azzaro Wanted Girl has arrived. A passionate and elegant partner in crime.

He is an indomitable rebel. She is beautiful and fiery. Through a meeting of their gazes, they make a pact to escape their fans. They flip a coin, and with that, the escape becomes a competition between the two of them. On a sunny day, at the Grand Hotel in Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, Kiwi model Georgia Fowler and Danish male model Nikolai Danielsen challenge each other to discover who is the most desirable. Is it him? Is it her?

The stars of the campaign jump into the abyss to escape from what torments them. Are you ready to prove that fear is only a challenge? Wanted Girl is the impulse needed to dare do whatever you want to. To create a new destiny for yourself, meet new people, discover unknown places, and change plans at the last minute. Live freely, and the world can be your oyster.

The competition between them excited all present on the filming set. When Georgia started to play her character, Nikolai felt slightly intimidated by her confidence, and bungled his lines in every take! Fortunately, he eventually found a way to focus and started to challenge Georgia when she was in front of the camera by reciting the wrong lines. A friendly match full of complicity that becomes evident in this new campaign.


The Muse

Georgia Fowler, the model with a cheeky glint in her eye and radiant smile, plays the star of this campaign. She is a  beautiful woman who is followed everywhere by her fans. She keeps on bumping into Nikolai Danielsen, a man who is equally popular, and who challenges her to escape. They both jump into a Mediterranean adventure that awakens desire. We dare you to follow them too and to discover where they are going next. 

A Glass Flower

Wanted Girl’s bottle is a work of art. A delicate glass flower, crowned with a metallic neck. The bottle is subtly bent, and the transparent effect of the glass radiantly showcases the fragrance. Make sure that you have Wanted Girl wherever you are staying. This perfume encapsulates floral allure, and the courage you need to run away to a new destination, and become the most desired of women. What are you waiting for?

Wanted Girl Bottle

Azzaro Wanted Girl

Azzaro Wanted Girl is an ode to untamable beauty tinged with panache and overflowing with charm. 

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