Do you travel often? Are you concerned about the damages to your skin caused by flying? Today we have hand-picked four products you can pack in your next trip. All of them will help fight weather changes, damage caused by the pressurized air in the cabin, the effects of jetlag on your face. These products will keep your skin hydrated throughout your stay.

If you still don’t know the best products for your skin when you are out of town, these recommendations will change your skin once and for all.

Clinique iD BB Gel + ACC Fatigue

An innovative hybrid formula that provides hydration and protects against skin-damaging pollution for 8 hours. Made with technology that naturally perfects and unifies your skin tone.

In just one step you will hydrate, restore and unify your skin for a perfect complexion. Furthermore, the product lasts eight hours which allows you to move freely not requiring touch-ups throughout the day. Ideal for long trips.

Suitable for all skin types. Works well with all skin tones.



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Clinique iD BB Gel + ACC Lines and Wrinkles

This revolutionary custom-blend creation provides the power to hydrate and treats your primary skin concern, your way. The Active Cartridge Concentrate ™ for fine lines and wrinkles delivers concentrated actives, including whey protein that helps soften lines and re-plumps. You will notice a difference only after a few uses, fine lines and wrinkles appear visibly reduced.

Add it to your hydration base Clinique iD BB Gel to achieve a hydrated skin.


Clinique ID BB gel Wrinkles


Shiseido Vital Perfection Uplifting and Firming Day Cream

New anti-age cream for women over 45. If you seek to diminish ageing signs in your face, you have to try the latest Shiseido.

Vital Perfection is a new proactive skin renewal that visibly lifts and tightens your skin in just one week.
Smooth over face each morning after cleansing and softening. The skin will feel supple and firm with renewed softness and elasticity.



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L'Occitane Imortelle Reset Eye Serum

Overnight Reset Eye Serum helps you recover from exhaustion and the damages produced by everyday life. With this product night lines, dark circles, puffiness and tiredness signs are visibly reduced.
In a few minutes, your eyes will be fresh, restored and looking youthful.

It is also perfect to carry when you travel on business and there are tons of meetings ahead or if you had a stressful year and want your skin to look relaxed for those well-deserved holidays.



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Clinique iD BB Gel + ACC Fatigue

Revolutionary custom-blend hydrator for fatigue energizes and revives skin’s glow.

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