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Camila Cabello opens up

The Cuban-American singer and jetsetter on her musical heroes, beauty icons and crying after meeting Ed Sheeran.



Camila Cabello is hot property right now. After cutting her teeth on the American The X Factor, she went on to perform with girl-group Fifth Harmony before going it alone. Her breakthrough hit Havana has cemented her position as a global star. Read on for an inside look into her day-to-day life and hear how the well travelled star fell in love with Parisian style during a trip to the French capital.


Who are your beauty icons?

CC: “I feel like what makes someone a beauty icon is so much more than their physical appearance. Women that are confident in themselves and have brought light to this world are beauty icons to me, from Oprah Winfrey to Audrey Hepburn or Michelle Obama. Any woman that has left their mark on this world is a beauty icon.”


Tell us a little about your daily beauty routine.

Camila Cabello: “My daily beauty routine is taking care of my skin and hair, making sure I’m drinking enough water, staying moisturised, and taking care of my body.”


What does it mean for you to be a L’Oréal Paris spokesperson?

CC: “I’ve always looked up to the L'Oréal Paris brand as a symbol of quality and elegance. I love how they empower women to feel their best and I’m so honoured to become a part of the L'Oréal Paris family. A big part of what I try to do is encourage confidence and self-love in my female fans, and I know that’s L'Oréal Paris’s mission, too.”


What are your favourite L'Oréal Paris products?

CC: “I love the Elvive Full Restore 5 shampoo, conditioner and mask because I work so much and my hair can get very damaged. Paradise Mascara and Infallible Pro Matte Liquid Lipstick are my make-up must-haves.”


What has been your best experience as a singer?

CC: “Probably writing my first solo album. I had written songs by myself for years in hotel bathrooms, but never in a legitimate studio. It was exciting and I learned so much.”  


How has music influenced your life?

CC: “My musical influences include everyone from Michael Jackson, Ed Sheeran and Bruno Mars to Rihanna, Shakira and Latin artists like Alejandro Sanz. In fact, when I met Ed Sheeran, I cried. I feel like my music is literally me in sonic form. These sonic photographs help me look back on these moments and teach me a lot about myself. Music is my escape and my therapy and my first love.”


What’s your vision for women’s empowerment in this industry?

CC: “Women are powerful and music as a form of expression allows you to take ownership of that. Performances, videos, and the poetry of a song are all great mediums for expressing strength. Imagine Beyoncé in a commanding and massive stage performance – I don’t think anything can rival that in terms of an expression of women’s empowerment.”


What role does make-up play when you’re on stage?

CC: “It’s important for me to feel comfortable and feel like myself; I move and jump around a lot and it can get sweaty, so I don’t like to wear too much foundation. Performances are everything to me.”  


What does a typical day look like for you?

CC: “Pretty low-key. I usually try to sleep in – I love sleep and I stay up late. I wake up and I usually work on my craft in some way, whether it’s practicing guitar, preparing for a performance or going to the studio. On days off, I hang with friends or family, or just watch movies by myself.”


Tell us something no one could guess about you…

CC: “I’m an introvert by nature and I get pretty shy and awkward in social situations.”


What do you appreciate the most in friends?

CC: “I think somebody that’s real and a kind person at heart, and somebody that is loyal and will be there for you, no matter what.”


What is your vision of a Parisian woman? Is she somehow a model to you and to what extent?

CC: “I actually bought a book called How To Be a Parisian while I was touring in Europe. In my view, Parisian women are romantic, outspoken, fiercely independent and passionate.”


Who inspires you?

CC: “Different women inspire me every day. It could be a fan that was struggling for a long time and has told me they’ve recovered and are in a better place; a fan who just came out to her family; my mom; my little sister. Women in my life every day, that are working on making their lives and the lives of people around them better.”  

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