Bruna, tell us a little bit about yourself!

I'm brazilian. I am 33 years old (10 years ago I came to live in Spain). I work as dentist and also as an influencer! My greatest passion: travelling and sharing moments with my friends.

As an influencer, you must travel quite often. What do you enjoy the most in your journeys? 

What I enjoy most when I travel is to be able to get to know places I’ve never been in and the culture of people living there. In addition, discovering new people on each trip is exciting.

Which destination is your favourite so far? Which one is still missing in your travel map?

The farthest destination I've been IS Brazil. My family still lives there, so I travel there quite often. Maldives is a place that I still don’t know and where I would love to go. 

What catches your eye in Duty Free?

When I go through a Duty Free store, the first thing I look at is the perfumery. Between one trip and another, I always end up buying my perfumes there.


If you had one minute to fill a basket with duty free products, which sections would you head to?

In a minute I would go to the perfume shop. And then I would go to get something from the drinks section.

What if there was free tasting of Jägermeister available at the airport – would you be game?

Of course. Without thinking twice! I love Jägermeister. Before getting on a plane, a shot would be great to relax!

What do you think Jägermeister is made of? 

Jägermeister is made of 56 ingredients. I think the main ones are ginger, cinnamon and star anise. Its formula is a secret, so that makes it unique. – You see, I learnt something at the tasting bar!

Have you seen the Jägermeister Limited Edition bottle? What do you think about that? 

The new Jägermeister Limited Edition bottles in different cities are the best. I’ve already seen the Canary Islands, Madrid, Barcelona and Lisbon bottles and I have the BARCELONA bottle in my house!

What goes on in your mind when you think of the following two things in combination: travelling and Jägermeister?

I love traveling and I am a lover of Jägermeister, combining these two makes me think that I'm going to have a great time!