For Superman Henry Cavill, travel is part of the job. Whether he’s filming alongside Tom Cruise in Paris for Mission Impossible – Fallout, braving the heat of the Jordanian desert for Sand Castle, or on a worldwide tour promoting a movie, he’s never in one place for very long. Here the BOSS ambassador talks about retaining his focus while keeping busy…

What has been the key to your success?

HC: I consider myself a focused guy, I think it’s necessary for achieving one’s goals. A lack of focus can often lead to a lack of results, and without it, whatever your vehicle for achieving your goals may be, it won’t be at its most effective. I don’t think there has been any one moment for me. I think success consists of consistency over many moments.


How would you say being focused applies to your acting career?

HC: It applies in many, many ways. Whether it be on a scene, developing a story to be made into a movie or TV programme, or training to achieve a physical look. Without it, the best of one’s work won’t shine through.


In today’s fast-paced, switched-on world, how do you avoid distraction?

HC: It can be very difficult to avoid distraction in this new world. Short of turning off all one’s devices, it just takes practice and single-mindedness. Finish what you started before moving on.

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Tell us about your campaign with BOSS eyewear.

HC: I’ve always been a fan of classic styles, and I feel that BOSS eyewear does that remarkably well. BOSS is cool, sharp and bold, but not overbearing in its style. The BOSS 0968/S frames are my favourite style from the collection. I own them in brown Havana with grey lenses.


Do you ever wear sunglasses on the red carpet?

HC: I’m a believer in time and place when it comes to sunglasses. Yes, they absolutely add to a look, say at a summer film festival on the red carpet.


Who do you admire?

HC: My manager, Dany Garcia. She is a remarkable person whom I have enormous respect for. Her focus is second to none. She never ceases to amaze me.


Where do you go when you need to reflect?

HC: Home, wherever that may be at the time. Wherever I have decided to lay my head and have my belongings. Once in a place of routine and steadiness, it’s vital for my refocusing process.


How was it working on Mission: Impossible – Fallout?

HC: I consider myself very fortunate to have worked on Mission: Impossible – Fallout. The preparation for the role was tricky because the character was constantly shifting and evolving. But working so closely with Christopher McQuarrie and Tom Cruise made the process a smooth one. They are both fantastic storytellers and consummate professionals.


Is directing something you see and hope for in your future?

HC: Directing could always be a possibility. I will never close that door. But I am focusing on producing at the moment. Building a story from the ground up is very exciting.


What have you been busy with recently?

HC: I’ve been busy developing projects behind the scenes and working on the various press activities that come before the release of a movie like Mission: Impossible – Fallout. An arduous journey but a rewarding one if approached with a focused mind.


What do you have coming up next?

HC: Right now, my production company and I are developing a number of projects (that shall remain unnamed for now!). The wonderful thing about them is the variety they provide. It’s exciting stuff to be working on a story from the starting point.