These Holidays we wanted to surprise our travellers at the airport on getting that special gift before flying back home. We invited influencer Sophia Rosemary to visit our store in London, World Duty Free and to help our customers to find the perfect gift. Nothing like having a personal shopper at duty free. Along the way, we talked with Sophia to discover more about her life on social media, travel and gifting. 


Sophia, tell us a little bit about yourself and give us 3 adjectives that you feel best to describe you. 

I’m from Manchester and I’ve been blogging for around five years now. I started my blogging journey sharing style inspiration and outfit pics on Instagram and it spiralled from there! I have a Golden Retriever called Pep and I’m a big vintage enthusiast! Three words to describe me....  Very organised, but slightly Clumsy and a bit of a Daydreamer (typical Pisces)

What do you enjoy most about your work as an influencer? Do you have a special project underway?

I feel really lucky to do what I do as a career. I enjoy having free reign to be as creative as I possibly can and having a platform to share the things which interest me. I love that my job enables me to meet some amazing like-minded people! Everyone is always so encouraging and supportive which is so empowering.  And most importantly, I love having a platform in which I can share my voice and hopefully inspire others. Right now I’m winding down for the holidays but come January I hope to get the second series of my podcast underway.


Do you travel often for work? Do you have any essential items that always make it into your bag on city trips? 

I do tend to travel quite a lot whether that’s overseas or down to London, I feel like I’ve regularly got my suitcase in hand! Dry Shampoo is always a necessity for city trips so I can freshen up my hair after long, busy days easily. Kheil’s Midnight oil because it’s the easiest and most effective product for quickly removing my makeup, Armani Power Fabric Concealer for when my face just needs a little touch-up or a quick blemish cover-up and Mac Prep + Prim because it’s amazing for giving your skin that boost it needs after a long flight or hectic day- plus you can spray it over make up which is so convenient!

Do you like to travel far for your vacations or stay close to home? What is your favourite destination so far?

I’d say a bit of both! I love discovering new cities and having a real explore but this year I’ve made more of an effort to go on more staycations in the UK with my boyfriend and dog, Pep. I’ve loved discovering more of Scotland this year, it’s just so beautiful and awe-inspiring and I’ve also been to The Cotswold’s in October which felt like it was made for gorgeous autumn walks. My all-time favourite cities to visit are Rome and New York though. I could spend weeks exploring both of these incredible cities.


Have you completed your Christmas gift shopping or will you still be looking last minute?

I’ve been organised this year! I’m pretty much finished now with Christmas shopping and I’ve even done all my wrapping. Although I know come Christmas Eve I’ll suddenly realise there’s something I’ve forgotten!

How was your experience to surprise people with a gift for them to bring home? How did you go about discovering the gift that best suited to each person?

It was so great to fully explore Gatwick Duty Free and getting to meet new people. Accompanying different people meant I got to discover different areas in the store I would never normally think to browse. I feel like it upped my product knowledge! The staff were all so ridiculously helpful so discovering the right gifts was a breeze.