Perfect makeup, drinks on board, pictures of incredible landscapes, and awesome looks. We reveal Beyoncé, Bella Hadid, Chrissy Teigen, Selena Gomez, and Ariana Grande’s travel tips, that will help you enjoy life anywhere in the world. Read on to learn how to travel like a celebrity, and then post it on social media. 


Queen Bey and her husband Jay-Z are one of the strongest power couples in the music industry.  They spend their lives flying around the world on tour and collecting music awards. Their passports have been stamped visiting countries like Italy, Cuba, England, and Spain. For their holidays, they choose to be near the sea, whether in luxurious beach resorts, or yacht sailing.

A striking hat is a travel must-have, not only to protect you from the sun but also to leave your style imprint behind. A hat like the one Beyonce wore in 2014 when visiting Barcelona.



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Sunglasses are essential when sailing a yacht. It is virtually impossible to go out or be photographed without them. Other essential is loose clothing, a willingness to get wet, and even high heels. Extra tip: kick off those high heels as soon as you can! 



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Bella Hadid

The American model and influencer have already achieved a meteoric career in a short time. This often actually means having to jump on several planes across the hemispheres every week. She has shared some of her top tips in a recent interview, on how to look stunning even after long haul flights. One of her secrets is to wash her face as soon as she boards the plane, and then again when she wakes up in flight. Bella uses different creams which she carries in her hand luggage. Another tip is to only wash your hair when it really needs it, and this should mean not very often.

Her favourite holiday destination is the beach because this allows her to relax and disconnect in the company of her family. The only unmissable item in her luggage   sunglasses. Bella literally does not leave the house without them.



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Chrissy Teigen

With a Thai mother, Norwegian father, and a childhood spent living in Seattle, Hawaii, and California, Chrissy is a true globe-trotter, with adventure in her blood. Now, being a Jet Set model means there is, even more, travelling in her life.



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Mother to Luna and Miles, Chrissy’s travelling style has only slightly changed since their births. This means that her holidays are always centred around her family, and which she loves to share on Instagram. Her last holiday took her to Thailand, where she enjoyed the beautiful beaches of Ko Phi Phi, the island paradise made viral by Leo Di Caprio in the movie The Beach. This happened well before the term ‘viral’ had been invented. As well as the beach, Chrissy also visited Buddhist temples, and friends and family. Her personal style is more about showing herself as she is, without filters or even production. A style for which she has become renowned. 



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Selena Gomez

Millennial icon and Instagram Queen, the actress and producer is also a great adventurer. This year, to celebrate her 27th birthday, Selena and a group of friends decided to try an authentic Italian holiday experience. Starting in Florence, Selena was pictured looking natural and graceful, with the captivating sunset of the city as the background. Tip: when you manage to stop ogling the awesome frock she is wearing, pay attention to Selena’s shoes. She is not wearing any! Is barefoot the new black?



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Selena did not hesitate to board a gondola and fantasised about being in a Fellini film as she explored the city canals. For this water excursion, she chose a floral print dress complete with a plunging neck line and accessorised with red and black polka dots. A look of pure passion.

What luxury travel trip to Italy would be complete without a yachting excursion exploring the Amalfi Coast? None obviously! For her last outfit, Selena chose a casual and trendy colour palette, with a white contrasting background, plus her ubiquitous sunglasses. Watch this space. Selena has started her 27th year with a blast.



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Ariana Grande

In the music industry, a touring life can be exhausting, but should also be a lot of fun too. Ariana is someone who truly enjoys this lifestyle. Her aura is more urban than rural when it comes to travelling. More likely New York, or to Paris, where she was seen a few weeks ago. 



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Although her Instagram feed bursts with selfies, her Instagram  Stories in particular, feature posts on her nighttime escapades exploring the cities in which she is performing. During her last European Tour, she roamed the streets of Amsterdam, Paris, and London in the early hours. The deserted streets seemed to belong to her, bringing a totally different and alluring perspective to her posts.

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