Karlie Kloss is a top model and entrepreneur. Her great passion is philanthropy. She was voted as the best top model in 2008 and that year she was one of the leading fifty models on models.con list. Vogue Paris, the French magazine, declared her one of the “top 30 models of the 2000s”.



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Currently, when she is not modelling, she devotes time to shooting videos she then posts on her “Klossy” Youtube channel. There she shares beauty tips, recipes, daily routines and her trips.



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Partly on business but also for sheer pleasure, one of the things this supermodel just loves is travelling. She cherishes spending time with those she loves discovering new places and returning to those favourite spots where she always wants to go back.



Sun sets on the best year yet ?

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Her whole life has been immersed in fashion. So it’s only natural her suitcase will be packed with many secrets to looking ravishing no matter where she goes. As you know, flying can damage your skin due to change in temperature and stress. This is Karlie Kloss’s go-to routine, so next time you travel you can give it a try. You’ll see for yourself how it helps reduce damage:



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• The first step is to make herself comfortable. If it’s a long haul, Karlie changes into loose clothes to rest. It helps make the flight seem shorter.

• Then, before starting her skincare routine, she cleanses her hands with antibacterial and then removes her makeup with cleansing wipes.

• After wiping off the makeup, Karlie recommends Advanced Night Repair Concentrated Recovery Eye Mask by Estée Lauder. This product has the power to instantly refresh the eye area. After just 10 minutes, the eyes look rested, renewed, refreshed and imbued with glowing youth.

• For the rest of the face, she chooses Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II by Estée Lauder. This serum significantly reduces the look of key signs of ageing. It maximizes the power of skin’s natural nighttime renewal thanks to the exclusive ChronoluxCB ™technology. It also includes antioxidants and hyaluronic acid to help lock in moisture. To use it correctly, apply a few drops on your palm and work over face and neck.

• After this step, she removes the mask. She takes a tube of Seed Probiotics and pops one in her mouth for overall wellbeing.

• Karlie advises applying as much serum as you can due to the changes in temperature. So if you feel it’s not quite enough you might as well apply another dab of Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II.

• A facial massager is the perfect final step of this beauty routine to allow the serums to absorb and leave your skin ready to relax on the plane.



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