As a child, Levison Wood could not keep still. He would constantly beg his father to take him out walking, but this was never enough. He always wanted to go farther than the end of the trek. He believes that his destiny was marked by these childhood experiences. Levison Wood is one of the best known explorers in the world. He has walked the length of the River Nile and visited some of the most inhospitable places on earth, travelling to more than 90 countries. He is still full of wanderlust for more exploring.

Blessed with the charm and good looks of a true British gentleman, Levison Wood was chosen by Clinique For Men to front their #BehindTheFace global campaign that aims to support the real man ‘behind the face’ of each of its consumers. The global brand aims to encourage men to celebrate real lives and aspirations, with skin care products adapted to meet their needs. Simple, straightforward and honest products which can be found in any duty free store in the world.

Levison Wood Portrait

Levison Wood spent a number of years as an Officer in the British Parachute Regiment, where he served in Afghanistan in 2008. He started to take an interest in making documentaries whilst an Army Reservist. As a photographer and writer, Wood has contributed to some of the most respected publications in the world including the Times, the Telegraph, the Financial Times, BBC, National Geographic, and the Discovery Channel.

His passion for adventure and discovering more about indigenous ways of life has led him from mountain climbing in Iraq, horse riding the river Oxus on the Afghan-Tajik border to conducting scientific research in Central Africa for the Natural History Museum. 

Getting ready for adventures

Even though many people imagine that explorers live in tents with the bare minimum, and look like Neanderthals, Levison Wood dismisses the idea. “I spend a lot of time in jungles, rainforests, mountains and deserts, and I’m always exposed to the elements. So I take care of my skin by wearing SPF and making sure I don’t get sunburned. Another main step is remaining hydrated so that you don’t look weathered too soon. A moisturizer like Clinique For Men 2-in-1 Skin Hydrator + Beard Conditioner even softens what’s under the facial hair, explains Wood.

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The importance of choosing good skin care is clear when you are travelling on foot, and when taking the bare minimum becomes a necessity for survival. “I can only carry what I can carry on my back, and if I’m walking 25 miles a day, that’s not very much. I’ve got my water bladder, pocketknife, compass, my survival bag and all the things that are going to keep me alive day to day. But, I also carry the little luxuries in life: I’ve got my SPF 50 for when I’m crossing the desert.” said Wood.

Despite having travelled half the length of the earth, Levison is still full of wanderlust to explore further. Papua New Guinea, Botswana, Brazil and New Zealand are some of the countries on his list to visit. “Exploration is quite a difficult thing to define in this day and age. You’ve got digital maps, which you can zoom in on all the way anywhere in the world.  But it’s not really about that. We know what the world looks like, it’s about sharing that journey of discovery with other people that don’t necessarily have the ability to go and see those places firsthand.” he says.

An explorer skincare routine

When he is not on an expedition, Wood spends most of his time speaking at conferences or writing books based on his experiences. One of his rules to guarantee he will be able to meet all of his obligations is to self-impose extremely tight deadlines, specially when writing. This enables him to solely focus on the task at hand. “I tend to use the same core products (SPF, moisturiser and beard conditioner), but I definitely spend more time on my regime. There’s little better than a long, hot shower at home after sleeping in a ditch by the side of a desert!” laughs Wood.

Clinique for Men Skin Hydrator

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