We all have a past. However, British star Victoria Caroline Adams has had more than one and she has managed to merge of them into a happy shiny present. From drama student to Queen of Pop, Victoria is today a renowned fashion designer – a dream that came long before Spice Girls. Being able to constantly to reinvent herself, now she is expanding her beauty and fashion expertise to YouTube

Wearing immaculate white robes and turbans, the new vlogger teaches 20-second tutorials with beauty tips on how to highlight your eyes. Victoria also presents one-minute videos showcasing perfect makeup routines, amongst other useful style advice. Victoria is quite happy to show bloopers and is unafraid of ridicule when appearing wearing a facial silver mask to promote her own cosmetics line, in a joint commercial venture with Estée Lauder, the same brand she is currently an ambassador for.  

Victoria Beckham’s Youtube channel presents interviews, fashion shows, TV appearances, fashion launches in different cities, and all kinds of beauty advice. Teaching you, for example, that your face will look better if you apply blush on the tip of your nose and in the centre of your chin. Or that gloss is a great ally when worn on your upper lip to make the mouth look sexier.

She has just turned 45 years old and has said no to a Reunion Tour with the former members of the Spice Girls. The very same band that conquered the world with Wannabe, achieving more than 400 million (400 million!) views on Youtube. She preferred to celebrate her birthday with a family breakfast at a Santa Monica cafeteria and to spend the day with her children Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz and Harper, and husband David.

Foto credit: / Shutterstock.com