Visiting the duty free is the perfect opportunity to discover a new perfume, something that will lift your spirits over Fall. Take your time, linger in the aisles before catching your flight and try a scent-or-two on for size. When you find yourself at Ralph Lauren give in to temptation and mist Ralph Lauren Woman onto your skin.


For Ralph Lauren Woman, Master Perfumer Anne Flipo artfully blended blooming white florals with rich, vibrant woods. Pairing Tuberose, the most bold and powerful flower, with deep sandalwoods, she has created a beautiful contrast that is both timeless and modern, It’s woodsy nature is the perfect pairing to crisp Fall days and nights and vacations in the mountains. It’s a duty free must-buy.


An intricate and alluring perfume like Ralph Lauren Woman demands an ambassador of equal standing. American-born Jessica Chastain is known for her portrayals of strong-willed women. Take her Academy Award nomination for Best Actress in the CIA thriller Zero Dark Thirty or for her Golden Globe nomination for Molly’s Game where she portrayed the protagonist a tenacious Molly Bloom. But recently, in a post #MeToo movement, she has played perhaps her most important role to date, a spokesperson for empowering women in film and she has a message: Lead like a woman.


“When women work together and shine on each other, we create powerful sisterhood for change”, she took to Instagram to tell her 2-million followers. It’s this message along with Chastain’s reputation as a long-time champion for diverse expressions and embodiments of leaderships, that has led the award-winning actress to become the global ambassador of Woman by Ralph Lauren and its accompanying initiative Lead Like a Woman.


The exciting project will debut a series of three short films, featuring an all-female cast and crew and that will provoke important discussions about women and leadership and promote a dialogue around closing the leadership gap between women and men and how we can all empower one another. “I’m proud to partner with Woman by Ralph Lauren to highlight their Lead Like A Woman Campaign”, says Chastain. “There is a false perception that women are somehow inferior in their abilities to lead. It’s simply not true. Although the gap between men and women in leadership roles has been evident for years, we’re now witnessing a movement of groundbreaking women who are shifting perceptions and demanding real change. It’s really exciting to be a part of this movement.”

The first film honours our very first female role models and trail blazers – our mothers – and stars Jessica Chastain alongside directors, producers and other actresses in the film industry. “Every time I’m lucky enough to be on a film with other actresses and female directors it's been such an incredible set to be on,” says Chastain. “Too often, women are depicted as competitors against each other, the fact is, women who work together and shine on each other create a powerful force for change. And I know that the more that we work together, the more that we support other women, the more that we embrace this wonderful sisterhood we are going to create lasting change for the next generations”.

For Ralph Lauren, choosing philanthropist and Oscar-nominated Chastain to front the fragrance and the #leadlikeawoman campaign was as an easy decision. “Fearless yet feminine, strong yet expressive, she strikes an alluring harmony between audacious power and feminine grace,” says Lauren. “The ultimate embodiment of modern femininity, Jessica Chastain leads like a woman”.

For the Lead Like A Woman initiative, Ralph Lauren Fragrances has partnered with and donated to Women In Film, an organisation that uses the power of media to advocate for parity. Ralph Lauren Corp. is a founding member Parity.org, a non-profit organisation focused on bringing gender parity to the highest levels of business. Lead like a Woman builds on the company’s commitment to Parity.org’s Parity Pledge, which is a promise to interview at least one qualified woman candidate for every open position.

So, the next time you find yourself at the airport and in the mood to indulge in a little light shopping before your flight, head to the duty free and introduce yourself to Ralph Lauren Woman; you can smell good knowing your purchase is also doing good.

Woman by Ralph Lauren

A scent that embodies the essence of modern femininity, Woman by Ralph Lauren reinterprets the iconic tuberose, an elegant white flower, with an alluring blend of rich, vibrant woods; fresh pear; and ripe black currant.

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