Zöe Pastelle, the rising Swiss-based influencer, is colouring the World pastel. From former prima ballerina to influencer and nominated actress, she is taking the world as her stage, and sharing it on Instagram. She is the first celebrity joining Forum by Dufry in the exclusive store discovery series, this time at Zurich Duty Free. Here is what she says about this captivating experience.

Instead of running straight to the gate at the airport when final boarding is called, Zöe Pastelle is now proud to confess that she prefers to visit the duty free area and check what the stores can exclusively offer for her next expedition. Why? Read carefully… Like Alice in Wonderland, she explored duty free, captivated by the cosmetic section and immersed in the joy of discovering exclusive products. 

Photo credits: Alexandra Utzmann 

First of all, your work as an actress, influencer and blogger seem to take you all over the world. How often do you travel, and which are your favourite 3 destinations?

ZP: Yes, that’s absolutely true and I’m unbelievably thankful for being able to do so! My favourite destinations are Paris, LA, New York and Berlin. Also, my favourite destination in summer is Greece – I haven’t been there for my job yet though.

When planning your journeys, do you leave time for duty free shopping?

ZP: The thing is, I’m always last minute at the airport and basically running from counter to gate. However, I should definitely change that habit because I would love to have more time to enjoy the airport and its surroundings, including the duty free area! 

What did you enjoy the most about your ‘duty free experience’ at the Zurich Airport?

ZP: The first thing that comes to my mind is the cordial and warm staff working at the duty free. It felt like being kept in an oasis, that gives you a break from the otherwise hectic life at the airport!

public://media/Zoe Pastelle Duty Free store.png

Is there any particular section in the store you will keep a close eye on in the future? 

ZP: Definitely the cosmetics section. I always find something that I need – the product range is huge!

Did you know ZurichDuty Free has exclusive products that can only be found in duty free? Which one was your favorite overall?

ZP: No, I didn't know that, but that's really cool! From the exclusive ones, I liked the travel size products because I like to have them in my hand luggage.

If you would have to buy a present in one of our stores, who would you get it for and what would it be? 

ZP: That's a hard question, but I think I would buy my brother a new suit at Hugo Boss because he really needs one. Or if time’s short, I would buy a nice fragrance for my mom, she loves perfumes! And Paco Rabanne Pure XS for me.

And lastly, describe your duty free experience in three words.

ZP: Surprising, happy & productive because I even found some new kitchen knives for my new home at one of the airport stores.



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Despite the freezing temperatures in Zurich, Switzerland that morning, Zöe had an amazing #DutyFreeExperience at Zurich Duty Free. She also seems to have become a fan of the Loyalty RED by Dufry app, pointing out on Instagram stories how cool it is to get VIP Lounge access around the world. 


Photo credits: Justin Wu