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Chivas 18 Japanese Oak: when East Meets West

Discover the taste of luxury exclusively in duty free 

When the whisky-making skills specific to the Scottish Highlands meet the refinement of Japanese taste, you get something really rather special.

Chivas 18 Japanese Oak is that ‘something special’; it’s the 3rd and final installment in a series of ultra-premium exclusives created by famed whisky-makers Chivas Regal, and you can only find it in duty free.


The Go-To Gift

There are many reasons why a premium bottle of whisky is a great gift for the holidays, the main one being that by sourcing and buying a whisky that has a story behind it ‒ one that has been crafted with the utmost care ‒ you are showing someone that they are worth the time and effort that went in to selecting it. You are showing that person that they occupy a special place in your life. There’s really no better compliment than that, is there?

Chivas 18 Japanese Oak sends all the right messages, which is why it makes for a fantastic gift for the holidays. Visiting friends or family over the festive period? This elegant whisky will demonstrate your gratitude (not to mention your good taste). So, if you’re flying home for the holidays, don’t forget to stop by duty free, where you can discover this exclusive taste of luxury.

A Scottish Whisky Unlike All Others

Strathisla distillery in Speyside has played home to the world-famous Chivas Regal for many years. Founded in 1786, this special place happens to be Scotland's oldest operating Highland distillery, and it’s unsurprisingly still at the heart of the industry today. But the true start of Chivas Regal can be traced back to the Chivas Brothers grocery store in Aberdeen, where the shelves were overflowing with luxury items, such as coffee, spices, French brandy and Caribbean rum. It was in the store’s cellar where James Chivas initially started experimenting with ageing whisky. The rest, as they say, is history.  

When East Meets West

Chivas 18 Japanese Oak came to life following a trip Master Distiller Colin Scott took to Japan. Whisky is extraordinarily popular in Japan, but rarely is a whisky aged in casks made of wood from Japan. It is this distinction that makes Chivas 18 Japanese Oak so special; the rich and intense Chivas blend is finished in Japanese Oak casks made using the delicate Mizunara Oak. These regal trees are up to 200 years old and aren’t especially easy to work with ‒ perhaps this is why the final flavour is unique.


You can expect a hit of white peach, toffee-dipped pears and sweetened vanilla, with a nutty accent. It’s both floral and sweet, with an undeniable touch of baking spice, fruit and aniseed. There’s really nothing else quite like it, which is why, should you arrive on a friend’s doorstep over the festive period with a bottle of Chivas 18 Japanese Oak, you will be very popular indeed. We’ll see you in duty free !

Chivas 18 Japanese Oak

Finished in first fill Japanese oak and magnified flavours of honey, exotic spices and pear, Chivas 18 Japanese Oak is a limited edition exclusive to travellers.

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