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Chocolate for exclusive palates

Taste the excellence of Baratti Cremino Assorted chocolates.

Have you ever tried Baratti chocolates? Or do you know someone who has not yet been delighted by these sweets, with a cup of coffee? Baratti Cremino Assorted is the best possible way to taste them for the first time.

Baratti Cremino is a sweet, three-layered praline, loved by chocolate fans and renowned for its delicate flavour and remarkably creamy texture. Without doubt, chocolate lovers looking for authentic taste and high quality will certainly find it in Baratti. It is an ideal present for those who delight in unique and exclusive products, and in surprising their guests.

Founded 160 years ago, Baratti & Milano are truly dedicated to chocolate. They run a historic confectionery and spirits shop in the heart of the old city of Turin, Italy. A mandatory stop for every tourist. The brand has also inspired sweet-related fashion and customs.  

Their secret is based on the fact that the collection, fermentation, drying and packaging cacao processes are all carried out by the Baratti brand themselves. This means that every single cycle in the production process is controlled, which results in a consistently high-quality product with artisanal finishing touches. Those who love the attention to detail will be captivated.


Cremino Travel

The Cremino takes precedence among all their various products. A square shaped chocolate with hazelnuts as the stars of the show. The chocolate used by Cremino contains both cocoa butter and cocoa, just like in the original recipe. An irresistible treat for passengers going through duty free, and looking for a sweet break.

Serve these exquisite chocolates with coffee or tea. You can also enjoy them during the day when taking a little time for yourself. If you have not tried Baratti Cremino Assorted yet, it will not take long before you are head over heels in love with them!

Baratti Cremino Assorted

A sweet, three-layered praline, renowned for its delicate flavour and remarkably creamy texture.

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