Only available at Duty Free

Chocolate tastes even sweeter when it’s exclusive

Discover Nestlé Swiss, the delicious Chocolate Brut that is only available in Duty Free.

We never need to be convinced to enjoy a square or two (or three, or ‒ who are we kidding? ‒ an entire bar) of chocolate. We think chocolate is more than an indulgence, it’s a necessity!

So, given it’s already pretty precious to us, how can chocolate be even more special? That’s easy ‒ the answer is when it’s exclusive. Nestlé Swiss is an exclusive range of chocolate from one of the world’s most famous confectioners, and it’s only available in travel retail and Duty Free. We suggest stocking up (maybe even get some extra baggage allowance) so you can enjoy a bite or two before boarding, a few pieces while you’re in the air and, of course, have plenty left over to take home afterwards. You owe it to yourself, really.

Salivating yet? Here’s our pick of the tastiest Nestlé Swiss varieties ‒ just don’t ask us to share…

Nestlé Swiss White Chocolate Bar


Sometimes simple is best. This bar is pure, unadulterated white chocolate, and it’s one to be savoured.

Nestlé Swiss Milk Chocolate with Hazelnuts

The only thing better than chocolate is chocolate with nuts ‒ preferably hazelnuts. This bar checks all the right boxes.

Nestlé Swiss Milk Tablet

Creamy, smooth and addictive, this chocolate is bound to become a firm favourite of yours.

Nestlé Swiss Chunks Tower

If you’re someone who doesn’t like to have to choose, then this is the box for you. Enjoy a mixed assortment of milk chocolate, dark chocolate and milk chocolate with hazelnuts. Despite what it says on the packet, you don’t have the share ‒ if you want to eat the whole box, you won’t find any judgement here.

Nestlé Swiss Dark Chocolate Chunks Box

Love dark chocolate? You’ll love this too. This sharing box is full of individually wrapped pieces of dark chocolate in the same percentage of cocoa.

Nestlé Swiss Almonds & Honey Tablet

We saved the best for last. This moreish bar of chocolate combines two of our favourite flavours: honey and almonds. It’s an unusual combination for chocolate but, trust us, once you taste it, you’ll never look back.

Nestlé Swiss a mix of chocolate chunks individually wrapped - Milk, Milk & Hazelnut & Dark.

Nestlé Swiss

Swiss Milk Chocolate Chunks Mix 500G 

Contains a mix of chocolate chunks individually wrapped - Milk, Milk & Hazelnut & Dark.

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