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Dewar's and Camus have landed

The whisky and cognac all passengers are sure to pack in their luggage.

One of the most obvious differences between cognac and whisky is that cognac producers use grapes, whilst whisky blenders use grain. However, many cognac lovers also enjoy whisky and choose to stock both beverages at home to enjoy them depending on the occasion and mood.

If you are about to board a plane to return home, or you are on your way to the destination you have always dreamt about, make sure to stop over and get to now the new whisky and cognac that have landed this month at Duty Free stores. We're about to reveal all the secrets, benefits, and different ways to enjoy these drinks.

Camus VSOP

Camus is an internationally recognised cognac brand, due to the extreme subtlety of its flavour. Conversely, this cognac combines a complexity that appeals to every sense of those who choose to drink it. This is a drink bursting with fruity, rich, and mellow aromas.

Aged in oak barrels, the flavour is guaranteed to showcase a delicate and rich taste, combined with fine woody notes.

The distillation process takes place at a medium temperature, to preserve the original flavour of the spirits, and to lend a harmonious balance to the cognac.

This drink is ideal for mixing high-quality cocktails, as well as to serve yourself a measure when you fancy a full-bodied drink like a whisky, but with a more rounded sensation on the palate.



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Follow these 4 steps to truly appreciate the complex flavours of Camus:

1. Select a glass.

The right type of glass will help warm the cognac and capture the rich aromas on the top. If you wish to intensify the flavour, it is important to choose a tulip glass, a snifter or balloon glass, or a shot glass. These three models will help lift all the flavours to the surface.

2. Touch and smell.

Hold the cognac glass in the palm of your hand to warm up. This action will lift the flavours, and intensify the aromas. Warm the cognac by hand for eight to ten minutes before drinking. Then, swirl it around in the glass to fully reveal the cognac, then lift it to your nose, and inhale deeply. Try to identify the different notes you can smell.

3. Savour it.

Have a sip, and keep the liquid in your mouth for a few seconds. Once you have tasted all the different nuances of the cognac, you can swallow the drink. Continue drinking sip by sip, exploring the different flavours revealed on the palate each time.

4. Pairing cognac with food.

Serve cognac with a fine meal. Camus is a delicate drink that pairs really well with pasta or roasted meats.


Camus VSOP

Dewar's 18YO

The famous Dewar's malt has been double aged. Initially aged for 18 years in oak casks, then mixed for extra smoothness, hence the name ‘Double Aged’. This whisky won Gold Medal at the 2012 International Wine & Spirit Competition.

It is an excellent Scotch, which highlights the mellow aromas of malted cereals. Dewar's 18YO possesses a full body, with a long and slightly dry finish. Ideal for the fans of bold and strong flavours. You can drink it on your own, or share a long conversation with friends.

The perfect pairing? Choose a strongly flavoured cheese, ideally Roquefort.


Delwars 18YO


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