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Discover the ocean at the Atlantis Aquarium

Jump into an underwater adventure!

RED by Dufry and Atlantis Aquarium invite you to learn the secrets of marine life. A visit to the Atlantis Aquarium is an unforgettable experience that combines the concepts of educational leisure time and participation. 

The experience is presented in a road adventure format. It begins with a message from the future inviting the inhabitants of the Earth to change the Planet’s future and become the guardians of the rivers and oceans. True Atlantis ambassadors! The objective is to create awareness of the importance of sustainable development, to teach about the various aquatic ecosystems, and to promote conservation initiatives.

All children under 8 who visit will also get their Atlantis passport.

RED members can choose one of the following two offers:

1. Buy your tickets online on the Atlantis website and get a 15% discount.
2. Buy your tickets at the Aquarium and get a 20% discount.