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Travel-friendly pouches of our favourite chocolate treats? Sign us up!

We have often thought that the only thing that would make our favourite chocolates even better would be if they came in travel-friendly sizes in grab-and-go packaging that we could stuff into our carry-on bags when we’re flying. Afterall, who doesn’t want to enjoy to occasional tasty snack at 30,000ft? Well, the chocolate overseers at Mars have listened to, and answered, our prayers.

If you haven’t heard of Snickers, Mars & Twix Bites Pouches yet, (where have you been?) you can probably guess what they are; bite-sized versions of the tasty originals, in a small bag. Something so simple, but so great. These classic sweet treats are now available for travellers, joining their sweet cousins M&M’s, Maltesers and Skittles, in convenient stand-up pouches. The packets are the perfect size to throw in your carry-on bag and they will effortlessly remain upright on your fold-down table. Plus, if you should feel like sharing your treats, the non-slouch pouch makes things easier. However, if you don’t want to share, we won’t judge you. Afterall, they’re delicious.

Snickers Bites are packed with roasted peanuts, nougat, caramel and milk chocolate. They can be enjoyed whenever you fancy and they’re great in-flight or during those short layovers.

Mars Bites have a soft coating of milk chocolate and irresistibly creamy caramel filling. One of the world’s first chocolate bars, it was originally known as the Mar-O-Bar, and later the Milky Way. Whatever you call them, the bite-size versions are addictive.

Twix Bites are so tasty and fun that people at Mars went so far as to make fun of themselves for not introducing them earlier. With a delicious butter cookie centre, topped with caramel and then coated with milk chocolate, the Twix candy bar is a popular treat worldwide. And even more popular bite-sized.

Snickers Bites Pouches

Snickers, Mars & Twix Bites Pouches are the convenient way to travel with, and share, your favourite bite-sized candy bars.

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