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Dreams come true with Smarties

Discover the sound of imagination with Smarties Music Creator.

Firefighters, pilots, writers, astronauts, presidents, teachers, sportsmen and women, actors or veterinarians. Every child has engaged in imaginary play portraying the profession they might want to be when they are grown up.

Children dress up, rehearse, use props, and convince everyone that they are real experts in their chosen profession! Imaginative games are very important for children because they enhance their creativity, and engage them with something new and different. This type of play helps youngsters by training them to find solutions to new problems they encounter.

Smarties, the famous  multi coloured, sugar-coated, crunchy chocolate candy, open the doors to the worlds of imagination. In this new campaign, Smarties Music Creator comes with a recorder! A perfect option for children who have always dreamt of learning to play an instrument.


Smarties Music Creator

Smarties Music Creator joins Smarties Toppers (a giant tube filled with play figurines and crayons); Smarties Telescope for fans of colour, and Smarties CreatorBook, packed with stickers, a colouring book, puzzles and activities for the whole family. Knowledge, imaginative play and creativity are the objectives of these products.

Smarties Music Creator includes a recorder instrument, and a colour coded music sheet, which teaches children to play music in an easy and fun way. It also includes three popular children's songs which will encourage them to start playing their first musical notes as their confidence increases.

The little ones waiting at home will be delighted with this gift. Let their imagination fly free!

Smarties Music Creator

The famous  multi coloured, sugar-coated, crunchy chocolate candy, comes with a flute and a colour coded music sheet that makes it fun and easy to learn music

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