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Drift away with Tom Ford Private Blend Costa Azzurra

A unique, woody fragrance for both men and women by Tom Ford

No one manages to bottle exotic locations quite like Tom Ford. Each fragrance within his exclusive Private Blend collection (also including Mandarino di Amalfi and Neroli Portofino) perfectly embodies the scent qualities of postcard perfect vacation destinations. Tom Ford Private Blend Costa Azzurra (meaning blue coast) is no exception.

Costa Azzurra is a fresh and exotic woody unisex fragrance that takes the wearer on an olfactory journey to the rugged coastline of Sardinia. The island’s unique aroma of salty beaches, sun-baked herbs, evergreen trees, driftwood and Macchia (a Mediterranean term for a tangle of oak, juniper pine and herbs) comes alive in this covetable translucent aqua bottle. This heady fragrance is composed of fucus (seaweed), agarwood, ambrette seed, celery seed, cardamom, armoise, juniper berry, myrtle, basil, lemon, yellow mandarin, lentisque, oilbanum, incense and vetiver.  The result is an energetic scent that’s bursting with bright citrus at first sniff, but dries down into a deeper, soulful blend of rich woods and sweet vanilla.

Like the rest of the Tom Ford Private Blend Collection, Costa Azzura was made for hot summer days, humid evenings and sun-warmed skin. It smells great in the bottle but even better warmed up on skin. Scent your vacation with this zesty cologne-like fragrance and then every time you wear it once back at home, it will immediately transport you back to vacation fun.

With Costa Azzurra, perfumer Yann Vasnier and world-renowned designer Tom Ford has created a low-key gem for everyday use. The private blend caters to women and men who seek the ultimate in style, sophistication and exclusivity. Just look for the little blue bottle…It’s travel friendly, for island hopping, of course.   

TOM FORD Private Blend Costa Azzurra

Tom Ford Private Blend Costa Azzurra is a summery, unisex fragrance that captures the best of the sea.

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