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Duty Free has it all!

Beauty and lifestyle blogger, Harmonie K. Matthey of Second Thought, discovers a whole new shopping experience at Dufry Zurich.

Words by Harmonie K Matthey, Second Thought

Images by François Matthey-de-l'Endroit 

I don’t know how it is with you, but back home, every time we go on holidays, it’s the same story. The alarm clock rings at 2:00 am to be boarding at 7:00 am… You never know what might happen! Besides, if we get into a traffic jam between Lausanne and Geneva at 4:00, it’s better to be safe and have some spare time.

Once we arrive at the airport, we rush to the check-in, then we stress through security. It’s only after this that we arrive, sweaty, to the sacred place – the duty free stores – but it’s 5:00 am and we realize we don’t have enough time to go shopping as we want to be first in line boarding to make sure there’s enough overhead space for our hand luggage. We barely have time for coffee… Finally, I am left with the onboard shopping magazine, which clearly has a limited selection of products ... However that was before.

Retail time

Today, I have another reason to stop by at Duty Free, because Duty Free has it all. It's the beginning of the holidays, the first time we can check if our Visa can afford to be generous. I was already a fan of these shops with zero-rated products, which are a great way to spend time before boarding or on a layover. Well, there are plenty of other advantages offered by "Dufry". of products ... However that was before.

First, please tell me, why I never heard of it... There is custom advice, available to everyone, who wants to update their makeup kit. All the brands are there from Mac to Bobbi Brown, to Lancôme. They are all sold at unbeatable prices. And it gets even better! Did you know that you can have your makeup done by professional makeup artists? They give the best advice. As I was there, I took the advantage of my visit to the Duty Free Zurich to freshen up. Really, when we went to Hawaii last year, I would have enjoyed this experience during the 6-hour stopover in London! I would have had more time to do my makeup than ever before.

Reserve and collect

I also didn't know about the Reserve & Collect service, where you have the opportunity to quietly place an order online, from home, and collect your products at the Reserve & Collect counter when arriving at the airport or returning from your holidays. This is not only a huge time saver, but it also ensures that the coveted lipstick will still be available. And even your husband won't be able to stop you!

Red by Dufry

Finally, there's even a loyalty app, RED by Dufry, which offers many benefits. You accumulate points for your purchases that give you access to the Business Lounge, for example, or wonderful promotions. It is always nice to find a moment of quiet when travelling.

There are so many advantages at Duty Free stores that I will most probably start to wake up my husband even earlier, just to have enough time to enjoy all the benefits, while he waits peacefully in the boarding line.

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