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Estée Lauder beauty travel essentials

We asked the expert. 

Whether you’re spending your holidays lounging beachside in Formentera or walking the streets of sunny Lisbon as soon as Autumn kicks in, air travel is most certainly for granted. So, which travel essentials to pack? Obviously that these depend on your destination and season. However, as any frequent air traveller knows, flying causes havoc on complexions and sun-exposure does require extra care. Hopefully, our beauty editors stopped by Estée Lauder counter at Milano Duty Free to discover the ultimate beauty tips to keep the skin healthy and glowing—just in time for your holidays. Keep scrolling to find #EsteeEssentails that you should pack advised by Erica Moretti, Beauty Advisor and Estée Lauder Country Manager at the airport store.

How should we prepare our skin for the holidays?

Erica: You should prepare the skin with Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair. It repairs your skin during the night and minimizes signs of ageing lines, wrinkles, even tone, dehydration. On a hot summer day, we are exposed to UVB, for which we also need to prepare our skin. Additionally, we are so busy that we don’t sleep enough. This product is like a night of healthy sleep in a bottle. 

Which skincare routine do you recommend? Is there a before, during and after routine?

Erica: I recommend to use first the cleanser, to reduce all the debris from the day and to remove makeup, then prepare the skin with ANR Serum to moisture the skin, which helps with your anti-ageing concerns and to protect from daily pollution.

And during the flight, how can we keep our skin hydrated?

Erica: At Estée Lauder, we have a powerful mask – Advanced Night Repair, highly concentrated with serums, a lip balm and the mist to moisture your skin. To finish, we recommend a touch of makeup with a double wear concealer and a mascara for a fresh look when landing. 

Which are the #EsteeEssentials you recommend to travellers? Is this suitable for all skin types?

Erica: Of course our best-seller, ANR face and eyes that you can apply any time of the day, in the morning and at night, perfect for all skin types and ages. Also, the double wear foundation to maintain a flawless complexion right up until you land.

What can we expect at Estée Lauder beauty counter at the airport?

Erica: First of all, a lot of smiles, a piece of beauty advice, a touch of service with a mini-facial and an experience also elevating your fragrance notes. And, obviously, a lot of fun with our team at Milan Duty Free.

Regarding makeup, which products do you recommend for a fresh summer look? 

Erica: We have the new Bronze Goddess Ultimate Mineral-Infused Matte Bronzer, the bronzer for summer available in different sizes, perfect to travel. And we have the highlight Bronze Goddess Illuminating Powder Gelée that you can use on your cheeks, around your eyes to give you a glowing effect and to sculpt the face as contouring. I recommend using always a primer before the makeup and lip colour. The bronze goddess is available in a travel exclusive pack, the all-you-need-in-one-pack.

Which are the #EsteeEssentials we can’t forget to pack?

Erica: So, it would be the Bronze Goddess Eau Fraiche, our fragrance for the summer -- it feels like summer in a bottle, a mascara and ANR is a must.

Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Supercharged Complex

Advanced Night Repair Eye Supercharged Complex

The new supercharged treatment—now with 10X Concentrated Repair Technology—helps repair the visible impact of lack of sleep, UV, pollution, even blue light.

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