Are you planning a trip but don’t know the total liquid volume you are allowed to bring? Of course, you cannot go anywhere without your favourite perfume. Nowadays there are a number of rules regarding luggage. Each passenger is allowed to carry up to 100 ml in their hand luggage. Dior knows that it is important to be able to take your favourite scent with you, to the destinations you have been dreaming about for so long. This is why Dior has launched special editions of their favourite scents, all now available with the travel spray in a travel size. Choose your favourite.

J’adore Eau de Parfum Travel Spray

J’adore Dior is an intense perfume. A feminine, floral and unique scent, created by luxury goods brand Dior. This scent is magnified by the presence of Jasmine from Grasse, the authentic protagonist of a fragrance custom-made for special and alluring women.

A bouquet finely crafted, combining floral-fruity notes that result in a voluptuous and magnetic scent. J’adore is a perfume for unique, seductive, and original women. The combination of aromas makes an original and attractive composition, that opens with the effervescence of delicious fruits such as melon, peach, pear, bergamot, and mandarin. Heart notes feature a bouquet of beautiful flowers such as nard, plum, violet, orchid, and freesia, blended together with the delicate warmth of Jasmine Sambac, and the luminous intensity of Damascena rose.

The J'adore Dior bottle is as feminine and alluring as the fragrance. Taking up the sensual curves of the legendary amphora, the bottle is adorned with elegant and sophisticated detail.

This exclusive product includes the travel spray, in a size as special as the fragrance itself. It is ideally suited to be carried in your hand luggage. 


J'adore travel spray

Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet Travel Spray

Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet is a fresh, feminine, and sparkly perfume. Women choose this fragrance to take on holidays with them, because of the floral composition, which is totally delicious and irresistible. This exclusive product also includes a travel spray.

A fragrance that envelops a woman’s skin like a voluptuous dress, both elegant and exceptional, and embroidered with a thousand flowers. A dress that looks fabulous wherever you are in the world.

This floral scent pays homage to Christian Dior’s legendary passion for flowers, and it is dedicated to joyful, optimistic, and captivating women.

The bouquet opens with effervescent and joyful notes of Calabrian Bergamot, then reveals a floral-fruity heart, featuring peony, Damascene rose, peach, and apricot. The base notes of White Musks adapt to and enhance each woman’s personality.

Miss Dior travel spray

Sauvage Eau de Toilette Travel Spray

Dior also had men in mind offering this exclusive product with a travel spray to carry-on . This is a masculine scent, featuring fresh and spirited contrasts. 

Opening with juicy, fresh, and luminous sparks resulting from the combination of pepper and bergamot.

In its heart, floral and refreshing notes of geranium and lavender blend with vibrant and piquant Sichuan pepper, and pink pepper. Vetiver and patchouli add potent masculinity to the mix. Cedar, sandalwood, and Ambroxan blend together to create elegant and powerful base notes.

This is an ideal perfume for intense men, who are looking for an aroma that reflects their mysterious, magical, and elegant characters


Sauvage travel spray

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DIOR J'adore Eau de Parfum + Travel Spray

An invented Bouquet. Finely crafted down to the last detail, like a custom-made flower. Now with an exclusive travel spray!

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