Following on from the success of Kinder’s exclusive range for travellers in 2018, this year their chocolatiers present something that will be loved by all young adults.

The brand now presents its iconic mega Kinder Maxi bar, alongside their classic chocolate selection. Milky and Shoky (the official campaign mascots), star as cartoon characters representing a chocolate bar and a glass of milk, to promote this new launch at airport stores.

Enjoying Kinder is a unique sensation. There is no other chocolate that even comes close in terms of flavour, making it a favourite to young adults. The sensation in the mouth is a harmonious combination of milk, chocolate, and cream.

The mega Kinder Maxi bar now comes with two different messages printed on the packaging: “The best times are with you”, and “With all my heart”, making them ideal as gifts. Travelling means enjoying different places, and exploring the world without forgetting your own essence. This is the perfect present to take home when you return from a long holiday. Give it to that special person in your life, to remind them that they were always in your mind while you were away.

For more than 41 years, Kinder Maxi has developed alongside millions of consumers around the world. Thanks to the perfect combination of chocolate and cream, Kinder remains one of the most popular items in our stores. Find it at Duty Free. You will not be able to resist!

Kinder Maxi

Designed for travellers as an unusual gift from the heart.

Soon Available on Reserve & Collect