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Frequent flyers tend to have their own resources to help them travel in the most comfortable manner. They know how to optimise time, make space in the suitcase, and take everything they need to feel at home, and enjoy their trip. We were inspired by frequent travellers when compiling these five must-have products for those people on the go, whether for business or pleasure.

Moisturising Balm

To feel comfortable in your own skin is essential. No frequent traveller leaves home without a good lip balm. Everybody has their favourite brands and textures, however, Kiehl’s products are always an excellent choice. In this case, we have selected Kiehl’s scented lip balm, which unleashes the aroma of the tropics, and helps keep your lips fully hydrated during the flight, enveloped in a delicious mango scent.

Khiel Lip balm

Controlled pleasure

A man on a business trip should not forget to take a hip flask with his favourite tipple. The kind of beverage that you like to drink slowly after an important meeting, or a complicated day at work. What could be better than a high-quality product like this hip flask pouch from The English Pewter Company? Available in intense steely colour, and presented in a leather pouch with sandy tones. Ideal to carry your favourite tipple, and drink slowly in your own time.

Hip Flask

Always Handy

Who has not been in the position of arriving at Customs, and not having a pen to complete the necessary forms? Having to ask for a pen is always a slightly uncomfortable situation. The queue moves quickly, and people are already using their pens. This is why it is important to always carry your own pen in your hand luggage. We have chosen the Crystalline Ballpoint Pen, an eye-catching model studded with Swarovski crystals. An essential item for all the airport paperwork.

Pen Swarovski

Long lasting and Sophisticated

The latest beauty trends suggest change and renewal of classic beauty goods. The beauty industry continues to innovate the presentation of top of the range of products. We have chosen an essential creation for fragrance lovers. YSL Black Opium Rollerball EDP version (presented in a rollerball container), is THE product to carry in your hand luggage. Black Opium Rollerball EDP can be gently applied by rubbing back and forth on your skin, just like makeup. A totally ideal fragrance for travelling, as it is unlikely to break or spill. Presented in the handy  2.5 ml version.

YSL Black Opium

To sweeten a moment

It is always a good idea to have something sweet at hand when we go away on holidays, or on business. Specifically for those times when you really fancy some chocolate or sweet treats that may not be easy to find at your destination. We suggest Fortnum’s Ruby Himalayan Salted Caramel Truffles. Made with specially selected cocoa beans, these FORTNUM & MASON Ruby Chocolate Truffles exquisitely blend fruity chocolate notes wrapped around a soft caramel centre, with crystals of fine Himalayan Salt.



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