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The five senses journey with LINDT chocolates


Delicious step-by-step tasting guide ahead.

Have you ever felt like being in heaven while tasting chocolate? If the answer is yes, you have been tasting chocolate with all of your senses. If the answer is no, hop on this five senses chocolate journey with LINDT & Sprungli chocolate tasting. After spending the day at the chocolate factory, with the LINDT Swiss Master Chocolatier, here’s what we’ve learned. 

However, before heading to this delicious guide, know that tasting chocolate should be a relaxed and mindful ritual. Also, according to LINDT Maîtres, when it comes to developing your palate for chocolate, dark chocolate might be your best choice as it has subtle, complex notes just like you can find it in a glass of fine red wine. 

When it comes to choosing your LINDT chocolate, keep in mind that LINDT is the expert in the finest dark chocolate that cover different needs: EXCELLENCE and Swiss Thins Dark are here to bring you a sophisticated moment and elevated equity, while LINDOR is more about smooth melting indulgence. If you want to share, 300gr Dark Tablets is the perfect choice to taste with friends and family.


Our eyes are the first factor in choosing what we want. It means that the first impression comes through our sight. Open your LINDT  chocolate slowly, pay attention to its silky sheen and delicious colour. Is it bright, shining? Is it a dark tone, do you have different shades of brown? Make sure to pay attention to all of the details of the package before heading to your next sense.


When talking about high-quality chocolates such as with LINDT, it should melt at your body temperature. Hold a square of your LINDT chocolate between your thumb and index finger and gently rub. As soon as it begins to melt, feel the texture. Do you notice the smooth composition? LINDT chocolates are never sandy, rough or grainy as the chocolate particles get highly refined. 


Have you ever paid attention to the crispy snap when breaking off a piece of chocolate? According to the Maître, when the chocolate quality is good, it will break easily and neatly. Moreover, the dark chocolate will make a clear, sharp noise, while milk chocolate has a more gentle snap due to the milk content. 

Testing your five senses with LINDT chocolates
Testing your five senses with LINDT chocolates


Moving on, it’s time to discover the chocolate flavours by inhaling. Which notes do you distinguish? Most commonly, we are able to detect fruits, vanilla or spices. The scent will, however, vary depending on the region where the cacao beans were sourced and the chocolate flavour. What else can you find when scenting chocolate? Give it a try. Just bring the chocolate to your nose and inhale its aromas before tasting it.

And finally, taste...

After completing all the steps above, you are now ready to taste your piece of chocolate. Let a small piece melt on your tongue and experience the intense symphony of cocoa flavours. Inhale through your mouth and through your nose - this allows the aromas and flavours to fully penetrate your senses. Now it’s time to chew your chocolate, do it between three to five times, and focus on what you’re tasting. Is it spice, neutral, sweet? Do you feel the fruits, the nuts, anything else? Challenge yourself to identify all the flavours taking note of how they evolve. 

Repeat this with as many LINDT chocolates you desire, just make sure you cleanse your palate with unsalted crackers or mineral water before trying a different flavour. LINDT also discovered a new sense, the sixth sense: the ability of their chocolates to make us smile after experiencing the true cocoa flavours with this guide. Find out for yourself if you have it in you!


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