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Flight attendants beauty tips to take on board

Don’t forget to pack these tips on your next flight!

Most likely, at some point in your life, you dreamt about becoming a flight attendant. Jetting around the world and discovering new destinations does sound like a dream job. However, it can be pretty demanding. 

Flight attendants must always look impeccable, despite travelling long haul, often at night, constant temperature changes, and disrupted sleep patterns, due to flying across different time zones. Flying can be one of the harshest environments for the skin and it requires a special skincare regime. So, how flight attendants manage to stay fresh-faced and polished from take-off to landing?

We went on a journey to discover their best beauty tips for a radiant look on your next flight.

Mary Kalymnou is a VIP flight attendant. She naturally became a lifestyle and luxury travel blogger, as flying frequently to different places and enjoying little luxuries. On her blog, she shares, among other topics, her skincare routines to look flawless all the time.


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Hydrate, hydrate, and hydrate

To prevent dehydration, drink water. There’s just no other way around it. According to flight attendants (besides doctors), the best medicine to dry skin is water. Plus, avoiding coffee and salt improves your skin and overall well-being. Mary wrote on her blog that one litre of water per flight keeps her hydrated, which ultimately helps reduce her appetite levels, avoiding airplane meals full of salt. Pro tip: pack your own bottle and ask flight attendants to fill it in before taking off. 

Moisturize your skin 

Moisturising cream is the product not to be left behind, as the skin can become dehydrated during a flight. It is important to moisturise it in order to maintain a healthy glow. Plus, you are going to need it for the rest of your holidays. Mary suggests buying a travel sized product that will not take up too much space, and can always be carried in your handbag.

La Mer Moisturising Cream has the power to transform the appearance of your skin. This cream is ideal for improving firmness and helping lines, pores and wrinkles become less visible. Even the driest complexions that tend to suffer less damage due to changes in temperature and environment are renewed and rejuvenated with La Mer Moisturising Cream.

La Mer

Balanced skin with concealer 

Concealer plays an important part in any makeup style, due to its ability to balance out and define facial features, as well as highlighting the shape of cheekbones. Mary Kalimnou prefers the natural look. She always wears concealer in pink hues, which allows her to spend less time applying eye shadow.

We have selected Nars Blush Orgasm which is now available at duty free stores in your preferred shades to help achieve dewy looking skin.

Nars Blue Orgasm

Impeccable hairstyle 

A good hairstyle is important in order to look great. Carrying a quality hairbrush in your handbag is a beauty secret of women who want to look impeccable. Mary always carries a hairbrush to quickly retouch her hair during the flight.


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Tangle Teezer quickly disentangles hair, leaving it shiny and smooth. The cute size means it fits perfectly into any handbag. We chose the Rose Gold Glaze model because it is an eye-catcher. Tangle Teezer is also available in a variety of different colours and styles.


Tangle Teezer

On Instagram, Mon Cherry caught our attention. As a flight attendant, she inspired us with her lifestyle and travel tips. We noticed that she pays special attention to her lips before boarding on every flight.


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Eye-catching lipstick 

Have you ever wondered how celebrities manage to get off the plane looking as if they have just stepped out of a beauty spa? Many of them will be met by the paparazzi, journalists, and fans as soon as they land, so always need to look splendid. Flight attendants too. Wearing an eye-catching lipstick colour does the trick. In this way, the rest of the makeup does not need retouching as they normally have a little time to reapply it.

Carry lipstick in your handbag, and retouch your lips during the flight. Or simply apply before landing. Rouge Dior 520 Feel Good is the ideal long-lasting lipstick.

Dior Rouge

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