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Game of Thrones Single Malts Limited Collection: Whisky is coming

Westeros-families-themed-bottles arrives to duty free stores. Now choose your House.

You now have two choices. Select your favourite Single Malt, or choose someone to safe keep the Iron Throne? This is the dilemma now facing Game of Thrones fans, at a time when Diageo launches eight special Scotch whiskies to accompany the eighth and final GOT season. Which one will you select? This limited edition is inspired by the Night’s Watch and the seven families around whom the intrigues, dragons, and copious amounts of drinking happen during the series. Is there a better way of paying homage to GOT than drinking some more?

Diageo’s special team of Game of Thrones and Scotch whisky lovers joined forces to create this unique product. They made a significant decision at the time of initiating the creative process, by deciding which Single Malt would be matched to each iconic House of Westeros. The archivist Joanne McKerchar researched the history of each region and distillery and worked on exploring the characteristics of each blend and the ethos of the different Houses of Westeros.

Joanne McKerchar’s research highlighted some wonderful combinations. For example, Daenerys Targaryen’s family is represented by Cardhu Gold Reserve. In Scotland during the 1800s, this distillery was run by Helen Cumming and Elizabeth, her daughter-in-law, at a time when business was the preserve of men.

Choose your House

Game of Thrones Single Malts

The legendary House Lannister is represented by Lagavulin, a 200-year-old distillery, situated on the Isle of Islay. House Stark, well used to the icy North, was paired up with Dalwhinnie, based in the heart of the Sottish Highlands. Theirs is a whisky that begs to be consumed chilled or on the rocks.

In addition to the three most distinguished Houses, the rest of the families are also represented. House Baratheon, rulers during the first six seasons, are paired up with Royal Lochnagar, a distillery worthy of the royal seal of approval. The Tyrell family produces a Clynelish whisky in their distilleries located on the green northern hilltops of Scotland.

House Greyjoys, expert navigators, find their partner in Talisker, a single malt that is loved for its maritime character. House Tully, builders of wheels and windmills, are beautifully matched with The Singleton Glendullan Select, a distillery fed by the waters of the Fiddich river.

One of the most distinctive pieces in this limited edition, is the black bottle of the Night’s Watch, the guardians from the North. The Night’s Watch was matched with the Oban distillery, nestling beneath the steep cliffs that overlook Oban, on the border between the West Highlands and the Scottish Isles. Similar to the Night’s Watch, the distillery is positioned on the border between two worlds.

Beyond the nod towards historical references, each one of the eight bottles contains some of the most interesting Single Malts currently available in the market. The themed packaging, featuring mythological illustrations of dragons, lions, wolves and krakens, have made these whiskies one of the hottest items of the season. 

Did we mention the words Limited Edition?

Winter and the finale of the most amazing TV series of our times are both fast approaching. Support your favourite GOT House, and purchase any of their world class whiskies at our duty free stores next time you fly!


The Game of Thrones Single Malt Scotch Whisky Collection

Choose your House. The Game of Thrones Single Malt Scotch Whisky Collection is a limited-edition. Reserve before you fly.

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