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A Girl in Capri, nature and glamour

Discover the new fragrance from Lanvin. Inspired by the Italian Island Paradise.

The island of Capri is one of the most visited destinations in Italy. This is also because Capri is one of the most beautiful islands in the world. The island is famous not only for its natural beauty but also for the celebrities that regularly holiday there. Without doubt, Capri is a charming destination, ideally suited to be visited on a sunny day. A Girl in Capri is a fragrance inspired by the luxurious beauty of the island. An intense scent that evokes memories of good times, joy, and fun. A Girl in Capri is a fragrance enveloped in aromas of citric notes, white flowers, and musk.

When travelling to Italy, consider spending at least one day visiting the island chosen by the famous. We recommend four locations that inspired Lanvin’s new fragrance. Each is a must-see for your next visit.


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Marina Grande

This is one of the top attraction for most travellers. Marina Grande features the biggest beach on the island, has waterfront docks, and colourful fishermen’s huts. An ideal destination for photography lovers. Marina Grande is also the perfect setting to rent and stay for a few days. You can even go sailing! An absolutely Postcard-perfect location, be sure not to miss it!


Villa Jovis

Adventurous travellers, who are not only interested in luxury per se, will love this destination. Villa Jovis is one of the many impressive villas built at the height of the Roman Empire. This villa was built for the emperor Tiberius, located in a beautiful and secluded spot, as a place to escape from the busy and stressful city of Rome. Nearby, you can also find the residential villas built for the emperors Julius Caesar, and Augustus.


The Blue Grotto (Grotta Azzurra)

Nature for your eyes only (and for the camera lens!). The Grotta Azzurra is a sea cave on the Capri coast, from sea level measuring 150 metres deep. The colour of the subterranean waters constantly changes during the day. According to ancient legends, this sea cave was also a hiding place for witches and monsters!


Natural Arch (Arco Naturale)

Arco Naturale is a natural arch, widened and modified over time by the actions of waves, and the wind. Undoubtedly, this naturally sculpted arch is one of the most iconic and representative images of Capri. Perfect for trekking lovers, it is only a 30 minutes walk from Capri’s centrally-located Piazza Umberto I.


Lanvin’s new fragrance A Girl in Capri channels Primafiore lemon, bergamot, Tonga flower, white musk, and amber notes. A delicious blend, with intense aromas that are both fresh, and attractive.

Destined to be worn by women who radiate confidence and freedom, and whose presence lifts everybody’s mood. A Girl in Capri can be worn everywhere. Everywhere, you can enjoy the sensation of a sea breeze caressing your skin.

Lanvin A Girl In Capri Eau de Toilette

A Girl In Capri evokes a joyous, exciting and carefree holiday atmosphere, and surrounds you with lightness and freshness.

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