Selected Duty Free experiences

Hand-dipped by Maker’s Mark at Melbourne Duty Free

Taste the premium handmade bourbon at Melbourne Airport duty free store.

The Maker's Mark wax-dipped bottle is one of the world's most recognized icons. Founders Bill and Margie Samuels created the whisky that has stood the test of time to become the Maker's Mark we know and love, and is enjoyed all over the world to this day. Bill opted to use red winter wheat rather than traditional rye to create a smoother bourbon. Margie was vital to the creation of the branding as the mastermind behind the SIV symbol and the iconic red wax.

Today, every bottle of Maker's Mark is still hand-dipped to ensure the authenticity, care and craftsmanship that they are notorious for. This May the Maker's Mark distillery experience has come to Melbourne Duty Free. Customers who purchase the iconic whisky have the opportunity to see the dipping process first hand and take home their own personally dipped whisky glasses as a gift.