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How to achieve perfect eyebrows

The truths, myths and trends unveiled.

A sensational haircut no longer impresses anybody. So let’s be honest, everyone is brave enough to get a haircut, even with fantasy colours, irregular lengths, or just shaven. There are thousands of options, but a new haircut is somehow never quite enough. However, the new eyebrow trends have arrived, and are achieving fabulous results. If you can dye your whole head pink, surely you can play with the tiny amount of hair above your eyes?

The truth

Perhaps one of the main trendsetters responsible for this reset in eyebrow styling is the actress and influencer Cara Delengvine. Her strongly marked, bushy eyebrows meant that Cara was a victim of bullying when growing up, as she has explained in various interviews. However, as Cara grew older, her eyebrows came to showcase her gaze. The same gaze that has launched her meteoric modelling career. Now, bushy eyebrows are no longer a taboo. It is time to experiment! 

A totally essential tool for this journey is a good quality eyebrow enhancer. Try Benefit 3D Browtones Eyebrow Enhancer which softens the look of darker brows with subtle highlights, and enhances lighter brows with depth and dimension. It can be worn alone, or with your favourite brow pencil.


The myths

One of the myths about eyebrows is that an eyebrow pencil is essential. Although these are good makeup helpers, both waxing, and applying powder can also help you achieve a more natural look. This is because powders allow you to mix tones, and simply experiment with different looks. Benefit Foolproof Brow Powder instantly adheres to hair and skin, transforming sparse into full-looking brows. The light-to-dark shade mimics the gradual look of natural brows, and the eyebrow-shaped pan makes it super easy to apply.

For those people who simply have to use a pencil, try benefit’s Brow Contour Pro: 4-in-1 Defining; Highlighting Brow. This multitasking brow pencil features a lighter brow shade, deeper brow shade, edge definer, and arch highlighter.


Another eyebrow myth is that there is not much to do once you have waxed. Umbreen Sheikh, owner and founder of Wink Brow Bar in New York’s West Village, gave some advice in a recent interview on Stylecaster. “Brush your brows with an eyebrow brush, always remembering to go upwards and then outwards”, she says. “Then, moisturise your brows, making sure the hairs aren’t dry”.

We recommend Benefit Gimme Brow + Volumising Eyebrow, which contains tiny microfibres that adhere to skin and hairs, creating natural-looking fullness and definition.


Another myth is that all faces look great with high arched eyebrows. At least according to Malynda Vigliotti, aka “Boom Boom”, the founder of NYC’s Boom Boom Brow Bar, the brow shape that’s most flattering for you depends on the shape of your face. For example, do you have a round face like, say, Beyonce? “If so, NEVER get a rounded arch - it will mimic the shape of your face and make it look even rounder,”, she advises Stylecaster.

The trends

Lastly, the rule that eyebrows must always match hair colour is another myth. Why limit yourself? Eyebrow dye and tones are now a choice, but the latest craze on Instagram is Glitter.

One of the Glitter pioneers is Holly Aldous, a British Instagrammer who created glitter brows that are so great, people thought the pictures were Photoshopped. Holly told Allure Magazine that her secret is starting the process with soap. “I used the spoolie to brush the soap through, and upwards to keep the brows in place”, she explained.

Then comes the glitter product. This first step helps keep the brows brushed, creating a holographic shimmer on top. The perfect balance between natural, and sparkly looks. This look is easy, but can also offer a bit of a challenge.

Time to break away from the myths. Visit our duty free stores before boarding your flight, and start trying out new eyebrow experiences to guarantee a triumphant gaze on your next trip.

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