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Idôle, the fragrance for women just like you

Discover the 5 secrets of Lancôme’s new perfume, designed for women who know no boundaries.

Are you the kind of woman who lives her life with power and assertiveness? Are you optimistic and confident? If you are the kind of woman who is committed, and loyal to herself whatever the circumstances, carry on reading this article. You will have found the perfect fragrance to accompany you in every adventure that is to come, before achieving success. Lancôme has created Idôle, the fragrance for invincible women.

A name that resonates unique force

Lancôme has found the name of the new fragrance from within their own legacy. The five letters that make up this word, so important to Lancôme, tell you everything you need to know. Aura and power, as well as tenderness and gracefulness. These are the values of a new generation of women, who are achieving success without sacrificing their femininity.
There is an idol inside every woman, and because every woman is an idol herself, Idôle is like a war cry. A name that resonates, more than ever, brimming with a unique force. Idôle is an invitation to believe in yourself, to overcome challenges, and to forge your own journey.

A powerful totem

Idôle comes in the thinnest bottle ever created to this date, measuring just 15mm in width. The delicate design emphasises the ideal proportions and has a rigorously geometric structure.

The flacon is easy to use. Your hand will immediately mould around the perfume bottle as if you had been using it forever. The glass surfaces are so slim that it appears that the fragrance is contained in the palm of your hand. An emotional grip. An unprecedented magical sensation.

For demanding women

For this scent, Lancôme utilised rose and then improved the fragrance with a touch of jasmine. Base notes include a trace of patchouli, and a blend of white musks, creating an elegant, white chypre floral fragrance.

Idôle has notes that anchor it down into your skin’s pores. A scent that is both high impact and delicate, comfortable and potent. A perfume that transmits the sensation of purity, and a confident and feminine aura, to conquer the world!

The creation, a feminine adventure

This fragrance is the result of a combination of talent and collective creation. Three women perfumers were commissioned to collaborate on the making of this scent. Three different continents. Three different lifestyles. Three individual sensibilities. Three different personalities coming together for the love of fragrances. Shyamala Maisondieu, Nadege Le Garlantezec, and Adriana Medina have fused their cultures, and their passion for sustainable ingredients, to create Idôle. They have combined discipline and intuition, each of them bringing their unique contribution to a fragrance that was created by women, for women.

Idôle’s roses, a symbol of Lancôme’s commitment

The floral accord of this perfume illustrates Lancôme’s rethinking of the boundaries of the perfume industry and continuing commitment to sustainability.

The world of perfume is sometimes perceived as ‘opaque’ in terms of the sourcing of the ingredients used. Lancôme reclaims both the transparency and the sustainable sourcing of the ingredients used in their formulas. Isparta Rose Petal Essence from Turkey intensifies the refreshing and green aspects of the flower. Discover it in the new Idôle perfume bottle.


To the generation that dreams big: strong women, empowered and outspoken. To the leaders of tomorrow: daring, pursuing new horizons and paving a new path.

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