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Influencer Melly Woo on her beauty discovery at duty free

 MTR Hong Kong as the perfect setting for another #ForumCelebritySeries 

Hong Kong West Kowloon High-Speed Train Station, the new state-of-the-art train station that connects Hong Kong to China mainland is the perfect scenario for another #ForumCelebritySeries

This time, we invited Melly Woo, a blogger & influencer passionate about beauty and travel to visit our premium stores at MTR and discover a world of beauty wonders at duty free. 

Here is what Melly has to say about shopping at duty free, also some tips on how to take care of your skin when travelling.

You travel a lot all over the world. What is your beauty routine to take care of your skin every day?

I try to keep my beauty routine simple. It changes depending on the location but I always carry my basics: a good makeup remover, face wash, moisturizer, eye cream, mask and lip balm.

If you had to choose your “must-have products” for a trip, which one would you recommend?

Especially on a flight or long trip, my hands and lips become so dry and chapped. Bringing a solid hand cream and chapstick is essential.

I recommend L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream and L’Oréal Crystal Caresse CC Balm Genius.

How important is for you to care for your Wellness during the day? Are you a morning-routine person or nigh-routine one?

I am definitely a night routine person. Majority of my skincare routine happens at night as a way to relax after a long day. However, it is still essential to care about wellness during the day such as drinking plenty of water and wearing enough sunscreen to protect your skin from any harmful rays.

On your Instagram and blog, you recommend different products for your daily routine. Could you share with us your top beauty tips?

My top tip is cleaning my face and makeup brushes often. The foundation of having great skin is keeping it clean so I take time to clean my face, especially at night. I also dip my brushes in product every day so they must be cleaned at least every other day.



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During your duty free experience at Hong Kong MTR, you enjoyed your time across the beauty sections. What did you like the most?

I absolutely love their travel exclusive section! When purchasing essential products that I use on a day to day basis, I want to buy in multiples. Also, duty free has makeup kits designed for travellers, a nice palette with multiple compact products which really saves a lot of space in my luggage!

If you had to choose one product of the beauty area, which would it be?

It would definitely be SK-II Treatment Essence. I use this every day as a toner or a mask if my skin looks dull. At duty free, they often come in multiples of two and I always stock up! It has just become so convenient.

Which beauty product of duty free Store did you find out to take on your next trip?

It’s been a while since I’ve purchased any makeup so the Givenchy Essentials Make-Up Palette really has everything I need for a fresh new look. This palette offers 6 eye shadows, 4 shades of lipstick, blush, face powder, concealer, and a mini mascara. I save space and I need to think less when packing.

And lastly, tell us 3 reasons why you would like to repeat the duty free experience.

Convenience. Usually, I’m at the airport or waiting for the train. Why not put that free time into good use and stock up on what I need.

Product selection. There’s so much to see at duty free with many great well-known brands. It’s a place where I can purchase all my beauty needs and have lots of options to choose from.

Service. There is always plenty of staff who are available to answer questions and provide quality product information.

Melly Woo at MTR Hong Kong
Melly Woo at MTR Hong Kong

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