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The intensity of tenderness

Rediscover your magnetism with Chance eau Tendre by Chanel

Some people are surrounded by auras of light that reveal their personal energy. Others are intensely draped in fragrance auras, seductive from their very essence. Chanel has reinterpreted this alluring, indescribable magnetism with CHANCE EAU TENDRE Eau de Parfum, in the new version launched in 2019.

CHANCE EAU TENDRE Eau de Parfum creates a powerful softness together with an intense tenderness that, far from being a contradiction, embodies the best moments in life. Unforgettable emotions.

In-house perfumer Olivier Polge, in cooperation with the Chanel Laboratory of Fragrance Creation and Development, reinterprets the floral-fruity signature. More intense, more enveloping, this version expresses radiant and confident femininity.

Its floral heart accentuates the fullness of exotic jasmine absolute, enriched with an essence of rose that shines a soft light at the centre of the composition. This floral equation is draped in just the right dose of smooth white musk notes to create a creamy effect. The grapefruit quince accord adds a welcome tenderness component.


A Wonderful Chance

Chanel launched Chance in 2002. This iconic, joyous floral scent is presented in a surprising, rounded bottle full of feminine curves. The name Chance pays tribute to the wonderful opportunities that guide our destiny. It is the same quality that accompanies our own determination. After all, Coco Chanel loved chance encounters and the unexpected. She smiled at fortune, and fortune smiled at her in return. 

Still today, chance according to Chanel is no random matter. It is a state of mind. A choice at every moment. An attitude. Because it is not a matter of having a chance, but daring to take one when it presents itself. Trust is also part of this process. As the writer, Julio Cortazar said: “Chance has a way of doing things really well”.

In the words of Jean-Paul Goude, who led the publicity campaign, this scent unites “perfectionism and humour”. For the 2019 version, the traditional round bottle with a gold neck takes on a silvery hue.

Fragrances to wear each day as lucky charms

CHANCE is the olfactory expression of this way of being, available in four variations with distinct personalities, but reunited by this same lighthearted, bright and joyful spirit. Wielding an instant and irresistible charm, jasmine is the signature that runs through the CHANCE fragrances. Because each day offers a new chance for the taking, the CHANCE line offers women fragrances to wear each day like genuine lucky charms.

Chance is a way of being

Chance classic scent the original fragrance with a heart of jasmine, orchestrates the surprising contrast between a fresh burst of pink pepper and citrus and the richness of a woody, chypre base with patchouli.

Chance Eau Fraîche enhances the zesty accents of citron to brighten its jasmine heart, before gradually unfurling the elegance of a vibrant woody note on the skin.

Chance Eau Tendre nestles its jasmine heart in a cloud of creamy, musky notes with the tang of a delicately fruity accord of grapefruit and quince.

Chance Eau Vive cascades onto the skin like a burst of energy. The surprising bitterness of a grapefruit and blood orange accord introduces the cedar-iris accord that upholds the heart of jasmine.

For Chanel, the shapes adopted by chance flow organically. The direct opposite of their iconic Chanel No 5 fragrance (a faceted bottle reminiscent of a diamond), Chance arrives in a round bottle with a gold neck that takes on a silvery hue for the die-shaped cap.

CHANCE EAU TENDRE Eau de Parfum is a new poetic composition that evokes a woman whose joy and inner glow gives her instant charm. For women who leave an enchanting trail wherever they go.

Chance Eau Tendre Eau de Parfum

A constellation of enveloping notes. A dazzling fruity-floral fragrance with a radiant heart of Jasmine Absolute and Rose Essence. 

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