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Jake Gyllenhaal, a new masculinity

The prestigious actor personifies the values of Calvin Klein fragrances, and shows his intimate and doting dad side.

This is the most emblematic fragrance publicity campaign ever launched by Calvin Klein. CK Eternity will change perceptions of the brand forever. Jake Gyllenhaal has been chosen to embody this change. He is a man more than capable of personifying the most intimate aspects of the fragrance created almost 30 years ago.

In the campaign publicity film, we find Jake relaxing at home, wearing a white t-shirt, and cuddling up to a 4 year old little girl on the settee. This intimate  environment forms the basis of the new masculinity projected by the brand. A man connected to his own sensibility. A man who enjoys his family life, all the time maintaining a sense of style.

Jake Eternity

A family of artists

Jacob ‘Jake’ Benjamin Gyllenhaal was born in Los Angeles, California on 10th December 1980, to a family full of cinema tradition. His father is director Stephen Gyllenhaal, and his mother is the screenwriter Naomi Foner, His sister Maggie Gyllenhaal is also an actor. Possibly due to the family’s close relationship with the silver screen, Jake obtained his first lead role at the age of 19.

Soon after, he starred in The Day After Tomorrow, a catastrophe movie based on the effects of global warming. This was his first experience working in mega budget films. Jake’s popularity increased when he played a Marine in the Hollywood blockbuster Jarhead. Jake eventually found fame interpreting Jack Twist, the cowboy in Brokeback Mountain. His work on this film was critically acclaimed, winning both a BAFTA award and an Oscar nomination. However, the actor has always remained very selective in terms of his connection with fashion brands.


Renewed sensibilities

Jake Gyllenhaal has just become a dad (only on screen!) for the advertising campaign for Eternity. Talking to People Magazine about his desire to become a father, and in particular referencing his relationship with his sister Maggie’s daughters, Jake said ”I would love for it not to be fictional. I have two nieces whom I adore and whom I'm connected to in so many powerful ways. They are deeply ingrained in the movie and my love for them is there.”

In the commercial, Jake looks at ease in the role of the father reciting verses from a poem by E. E. Cummings.“I carry your heart with me (I carry it in)”, Jake says at the end of the film.

Calvin Klein’s fragrance Eternity highlights the brand’s ever present classic values, whilst focusing on the future, a new family model, and the eternity of the most powerful connections.

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