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Legent, the whiskey born from the fusion of two legends

Try this unique bourbon, featuring the best of the East and the West.

Beam Suntory, the mega enterprise founded when Jim Beam from Kentucky, and Suntory from Japan joined forces in 2014, now presents a new bourbon called Legent. It is their first collaboration, blending the distinctive Kentucky whiskey style, with the classical Japanese art and culture.

The crafting of this bourbon is different to every other blend, and whiskey fans will love it. Legent is finely crafted throughout, from the collection of fine ingredients, to the bottling process. The brand is always careful to select and use the best components and materials. Every drop is crafted with high-quality grains, and calcium-rich and iron-free limestone water, and kept in newly charred white oak barrels.

The bourbon is then further aged in carefully selected sherry and red wine casks, where it will remain during Kentucky’s hot summers, absorbing the aromas and fruity undertones from the casks. The secondary finished bourbons are then meticulously blended to create a high quality beverage unlike anything you have ever tried before. The result possesses a unique and undeniable identity, offering an intense aroma and balanced flavour, together with a bright, smooth, and unexpectedly long finish.

Legent is a celebration of the merger between experience and collaboration. Bourbon expert Fred Noe has been responsible for the distillation of this super premium blend. Noe is is the 7th Generation Beam family member to become the Master Distiller of the World's #1 selling bourbon. The blend is also Shinji Fukuyo’s masterpiece. Fukuyo is the fifth Chief Blender in Suntory, the Japanese brewing and distilling house.

How to drink it? Neat, or on the rocks.

Legent is a pure delight to savour on your tongue, and with all other senses in every sip.

Whether served neat, on the rocks, or in a classic cocktail, there is no mistaking Legent's perfectly balanced, yet layered and complex flavour profile, that will work in various combinations.

When served neat, it engulfs the palate with characteristic flavours, unlike any other bourbon you have ever tried. Serve this new style of bourbon on the rocks, to unveil the signature layers of flavours and aromas.


LEgent bottle

Legent by Beam Suntory

A mastertrful collaboration between two celebrated whiskey Legends.

Soon Available on Reserve & Collect
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