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Live life to the fullest with Lancôme La Vie Est Belle

Spread the joy on vacation with a duty free scent that is certain to make you smile

Laughter and happiness are ‒ mercifully ‒ contagious. All it takes is for someone to smile at you, for your mood to instantly lift and, before you know it, you’re smiling too. Now, what better way to encapsulate that sense of joy and frivolity than with a fragrance that literally translates as ‘life is beautiful’? 
Lancôme La Vie Est Belle is happiness in a bottle, with bright, effervescent notes that compel you to smile at others. Heading on vacation is a wonderful time ‒ the anticipation, planning and travelling to your holiday destination can be almost as much fun as the holiday itself. Almost. Make the experience an even happier one by visiting Duty Free and treating yourself to a bottle of pure joy.  

Lancôme La Vie Est Belle Fragrance
Lancôme La Vie Est Belle

Find Happiness 

We’re not the only ones who believe that the right fragrance can make you feel happy and joyful. Various studies have shown that something profound happens when you smell something pleasurable. The Human Emotions Laboratory at Rutgers University, in New Jersey, USA, found that the smell of flowers, for example, creates happy thoughts, which explains why the heady aroma of sun-warmed jasmine is just about the most mood-lifting scent out there. 

Researchers have found that scent chemicals are picked up by smell receptors in the nose before being sent on to the bloodstream. The limbic system responds with emotions and memories and its own chemical (hormonal) response, with the release or restriction of serotonin and norepinephrine, which alter your mood. With this in mind, it’s little wonder that Julia Roberts ‒ with her signature wide smile and happy personality ‒ is the ambassador of Lancôme La Vie Est Belle. 

The Scent

Lancôme La Vie Est Belle is the result of a collaboration between three world-famous French perfumers ‒ Olivier Polge, Dominique Ropion and Anne Flipo. It’s a celebration of everything beautiful in life, and an uplifting, energetic and joyous concoction of caramelised Florentine Iris Pallida, Jasmine Sambac, Orange Blossom and Patchouli essence. Its deliciousness is one of the reasons it has become a Lancôme bestseller and why it is loved by women around the world. 

Deploy La Vie Est Belle like a shield of joy. Apply it to anywhere on your skin where it’s likely to receive some warmth: the inside of your wrists, the sensitive area of skin just behind and below your earlobes and ‒ if you’re wearing a dress, shorts or a skirt ‒ behind your knees. The warmth of your skin will help the scent permeate the air around you and create a floral haze of uplifting notes that will make you, and everyone around you, smile. 

The Bottle

A beautiful scent requires a beautiful bottle to call home. The Lancôme La Vie Est Belle bottle is aptly called ‘le sourire de cristal’, or ‘crystal smile’, as its very shape is reminiscent of a full-bodied and unreserved smile. We challenge you to hold it in your hand and not smile too. 

La Vie Est Belle | Lancôme

Lancôme La Vie Est Belle

The fragrance of joyful femininity and happiness

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