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Makeup trends to make them faint this summer

Discover the coolest makeup trends and must-have beauty products that hit the runaways this sensational summer. 

If something characterizes this sensational summer its fullness of contrasts. As a result, makeup trends polarize towards two extremes that leave plenty of space for personality and eclectic expressions. As we have seen so far, this sensational summer suggests a delicate look, clean because its softness and neutrality finished with natural nuances. And at the same time, catwalk invites to the most daring and colourful looks to fantasize, powerfully breaking into the electric summer panorama. Excess and minimalism converge this season offering a universe of incredible trends this summer of 2019. Now dazzle into our sensational beauty product recommendations! 

No-makeup makeup, light foundation & iridescent bronzer

Generally, summer is always a good time to soften your makeup and let your skin oxygenate and bronze, keeping it healthy with a careful skincare routine. We are not surprised therefore when finding natural makeup styles standing out for its simplicity, perfectly matching our summer days. This season, makeup non-makeup look is fully trendy and advocates clean and polished skin, highlighting subtly the natural beauty of your face. It is committed to only the essential: concealer to cover eye bags and certain spots of concern, letting your natural soul shine through your pores. But that’s not for everybody.

In case you love the pleasure of creating the best makeup looks, go for a nuanced complexion. A dose of a light non-oil foundation will provide your skin with an extra softness appearance, smoothing its surface. Also, bright bronzing powders are the best choice to enhance your shapes and show the perfect tanning you dream about. You must have already heard that Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess Powder is the queen of bronzers this summer. Its unique oil-control complex maintains your skin shine-free and comfortable all night long. No words are needed, just try it. Still not sparkling enough? Get yourself a luminizer to elevate your cheekbones and nose for a special sheen.

Finally, if there is something that is a favourite this summer, it’s freckles, natural or delicately contoured. Simply try them, you will fall in love. Explore the infinite possibilities and let yourself glow with an outstanding look!

Bright, glitter shadows & neon eyeliner

Although no-makeup trend bets for clean, natural eyes, neither a mask nor any kind of shadow, the last one is not always rejected. To achieve a no-makeup makeup style with a hint of sparkle, apply subtlety neutral shades, extremely soft ochers or terracotta. Your look will still breath minimalism and reflect on you a really sophisticated appearance. Shadows are not your type but still want to shine like a diamond? Then skip the shadows and go for an ethereal creamy radiant flush to slightly praise your cheeks and that would be the perfect only touch for your natural no-makeup look. 

For those who love excess, extravagance, and the vitality of colours and those who see makeup as real art raised to the maximum expression, this summer of 2019 you will just triumph in glory. Bright, pastels and luminous colours explode in scandalous tones such as green, blue, orange, yellow, pink, and a long etcetera of fantasy palettes colonizing the eyes with impudence.

And that's not all. Neon colours fall on eyeliners, building dreamy and marked shapes in painted eyelids and basins, extending to mascaras, conceived in fascinating tones such as red, lilac or blue. In addition, glitter is a summer must you won’t dare to miss. Sparkling eye make-up, all king of crystals, layers and layers of glitter is one of the most fabulous and extravagant top trends. Feel the fever with
M·A·C Dazzleshadow - Can’t Stop Don’t Stop. There’s a whole collection of glitter-streaked shadows to create artistic looks and make your eyes look dazzling every day and night. Let the brightness of your heart come out illuminating your shiny summer nights! 


Glossy, colourful & stained lips

A makeup trend that bursts into this hot season of 2019 is smudged lips, also called bitten lips. Literally, it is a spot of colour which is applied in the centre of your lips and delicately extended towards the edges, blurring the amount to finish with a natural fade. The result is a soft appearance that reproduces a recently kissed effect. Bright and impacting colours are included in this innovative technology that makes it ideal to be unconcerned about the perfection of the pigment. Easy, comfortable & cool!

Bitten lips coexist with bare lips and its opposite. For the natural look lovers, following the makeup no-makeup statement, a neutral or nude lipstick stands out.  It is the best helper to create a monochromatic look and allows you to add a bit of gloss to a creamy finish. And if that’s not for you then you might go with the hip of the lip trend. Extremely marked lipstick in colourful tones such as orange, coral, red, blueberry and almost whatever colour you can imagine are top at the moment. Bright and shrill matte colours highlight every subtle and fierce movement of the lips, profiled with care and boldness.

The richness of flexible and contrasted looks is your opportunity to enjoy everyday and summer night a makeup look that matches your mood. Discover Shiseido LacquerInk Lipshine line, full of crazy creamy colours to make your lips a dream. Its texture offers a vibrant shine empowered with its non-sticky, long-lasting formula. This liquid lipstick will be your ideal partner in crime to be gorgeous anytime this summer!

Virgin, expressive & colourful eyebrows

It’s been a long time since we left behind perfectly contoured and fine eyebrows. So, it is not surprising that this season is once again emphasizing virgin eyebrows trend. Brushy, raw and real eyebrows definitely hit the street in these warm days. And it still goes further.

Eyebrow powders are no longer just created on natural colours: fantasy comes through bright tones adding vitality and carefree personality to virgin eyebrows. We see yellow, purple, red, blue and green eyebrows on catwalks that inspire a whole world of new makeup looks where colour has no barriers at all. Do you still prefer a  more natural look? The first Guerlain Eye Brow Pencil 01 Light is your perfect option. An original gel-to-powder texture to fill in your eyebrows and make them look extremely expressive. Prepare yourself to get lost in the pleasure of being absolutely free to create your own colourful style this avant-garde 2019 summer season! 

Waterproof formulas & multitasking products

Summer heat and its common sweaty conditions can be our worst makeup enemy. Non-desired shines appear, mascara or eyeliner blunders, and suddenly racoon-eye happens. It is common, but you can still avoid it. Get yourself some waterproof formulas to have a long-lasting perfect makeup and feel free to dance, swim, run and do whatever your body feels like! There are much more options to discover than you can imagine: waterproof eyeliner, mascara, foundation, bronzing powders, shadows, gloss, lipstick, shadows, and more and more. One of this summer’s favourites is M·A·C In Extreme Dimension Waterproof Dimensional Black, a lightweight whipped mascara that’s saturated from the root to the tip. The waterproof formula will make you unstoppable to feel your summer even in your lashes! 
To finish this beauty trends compilation, one more suggestion. Experienced travellers know how to deal with luggage and packing decisions. Sometimes there’s plenty of space available to take with you half a wardrobe and other occasions practicality and simplicity is required. For those times when you can just pack your essentials, make sure you can rely on some multitasking quality products. When it comes to beauty, make-up artists recommend having at least one product that does it (almost) all: something that functions for your lips, lids and cheeks, assuring a monochromatic look in case you need to keep life simple. Sometimes less means more. Now you are gorgeously ready to stand out from the crowd this marvellous summer! 

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