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Mariano Di Vaio: the king for Dolce & Gabbana

The Italian influencer is the image for “K”, a new perfume for the contemporary man.

Dolce & Gabbana’s new face is multi-talented. He is a model, actor, entrepreneur, and influencer, with more than 10 million followers on social media. A family man, he married childhood sweetheart Eleonora Brunacci six years ago. Despite the haters who accuse him of constantly showing off his commitment to his wife, Mariano always responds with the concepts he likes to transmit. God, family, success, pride, and work.

Mariano and Eleonora have two children together, Nathan and Leonardo, who themselves currently have more than 300.000 followers on social media! The latest news tells us that the couple will soon have their third child. Will this child be successful on social media as well?



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Mariano was born in Toscana in 1986. His childhood dream was to grow up to be a pro motorcycle racer. However, his career journey has proved to be rather different. He left home at 18 and moved to London to start a modelling and acting career. He spent a year there before moving to New York. In 2012, Di Vaio launched his MDV Style blog. This magazine featuring male fashion quickly started to gain readers, making him into an internet star. He is also a successful entrepreneur and having started with only 5 employees, he now has a workforce of more than 30.

Multifaceted and versatile, Mariano did not hesitate to accept Dolce & Gabbana’s proposal as they shared values. The new fragrance K is a metaphor for the king that all men who wear this perfume can become. A king in their families, in the city, amongst friends, at work, even in sports. Mariano is a man who has demonstrated he can be a king in both the personal and professional world.

Despite being very busy with his business, which prevents him from working as an actor, Di Vaio is still modelling. He loves to pose for different fashion brands, particularly those he feels share the same outlook.



Uma publicação partilhada por Mariano Di Vaio (@marianodivaio) a

If you follow Mariano on Instagram, you will be up to date with fashion’s latest trends. You can also read about cool travel destinations, as well as enjoying his pictures of family times, unique landscapes, and gatherings of friends.

K by Dolce & Gabbana is precisely about all of the above qualities. It captures the aromas of everyday life in a bottle. This perfume is distinguished by woody and citric notes, with a final touch of peperoncino (an Italian red pepper) which makes it unique.

Dare to try Dolce & Gabbana’s new fragrance, and be a king like Mariano Di Vaio.

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